Who Is Your Idol?

When growing up, each of us have these moments where we admire certain people, an idol. We will have these “role models” that usually represent something important for us.

Over the years, these role models always end up changing.

As we grow, we have different interests, and different ideas about who we want to be. These role models almost always begin to become more of a temporary thing once these ideas start to change.

When you think back to your first memories as a little kid, the one person you probably longed to meet was someone like Elmo or Barney. Now, of course, your whole idea about who you want to admire most likely does not involve a puppet, or a singing dinosaur (but to each their own).

The thing about Elmo and Barney was that they were pretty amazing examples to follow. They represented kindness, joy, and how to show your love and friendship towards other people. If you sit and think about who your role models are today, what do they really represent?

Most of the time, we follow the examples of well known celebrities who really shouldn’t be influencing the lives of younger people. Pretty much everything they represent only has the ability to affect a child in a negative way. They encourage certain ideas that someone growing up and discovering who they are should not be following.

Taking all of this into consideration, we need to realize who the people we admire are, and whether they actually have wise words to say. People, and young teens in particular, should question who they consider their “idols”. “How have you changed as a person after beginning to follow the example of your idol?” “Is this going to affect you positively or negatively?”

And finally, “Is your idol the kind of person you want to become?”


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