Who Are You Today?

Who are you?  We’re not going back to the day that your father went to work and never came home or the day that the boy across the street broke your heart or the day that your brother pushed you down the stairs & you broke your front tooth.  We’re not going back to the days when people called you a toothpick, blubber, loser, brat, waste of time, little shit. We’re not going there.

We’re here.  Right now.  Sit quietly here. Who are you?  Nope… you are not the unkept, unknown, unwanted.  Nope! You are not nothing but less or even mediocre for that matter.  Who you are now is NOT who you were from yesterday’s story, memory or description of you.  

Having those as your truth will not allow you to be in the possibility of being the person you were made to become.  It’s really simple.  

You are a beautiful, wonderful, amazing human being.  You have gifts & talents & worth & drive & courage & strength.  I can go on and on.  

When you know the Truth of who you are.  God’s Truth….. amazing, glorious & captivating.  Then whatever was from before, it falls away. You know THAT is not who you are.  THIS is who you are.  

So why go back to all the rotten names, stories, memories that someone who doesn’t know the Truth would give you?  Do you really want THAT to be who you are? That is not the truth.  Sit quietly in Gods Truth.  Wrap yourself in that blanket.  Fill your head with those thoughts & remind yourself every day……     Who does God say you are?  

Live your life from THIS place of beauty & elegance & wonderfulness & pride & love.  Welcome every day with a smile of Who You Are Today.



Your God girl,


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