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For months now I have been trying to force myself to blog daily for you guys, or at the very least five times a week…you have only to look at the recent blog posts to see how miserably I have failed at this task.  It’s awfully hard to grow a blog site with no fresh content, just sayin’.

My problem is that my style of blogging has been to deliver a message, impart some wisdom that you might find inspiring, have and make a point with the post…yet over the past few years some days I don’t feel very inspiring and I can’t seem to dig anything out of myself that seems good enough to make a blog post out of…yet people continue to ask me to write.  This morning I posted a small paragraph on my FB public page and as of 7:46pm when I am writing this to you it has 2,100 likes, 56 comments and hundreds of shares etc…that tells me that I should probably get my head out of my ass and start writing again.  So, here is what I came up with…today I am launching “The Daily Discussion” which will be a blog post talking about whatever the heck is on my mind for the day.  I can only imagine that it will be a mix of all kinds of things as a day around here is better than a Seinfeld episode.  It is my hope that many of you will subscribe to and start following the blog as well as begin commenting on it.

Today started out with me fighting some ‘not so nice’ feelings about someone that treated me badly in the past hence my FB post this morning reminding myself as well as all of you that karma never loses an address and that it is my job to let God sort stuff out that seems unfair…at times that is sooooooo hard to do.  By making that post for all of you it reminded me also.

Then there was work and the kid who is affectionately called ‘boy’ and in fact when I don’t call him ‘boy’ and actually use his name he becomes immediately concerned, maybe after 15 years he actually thinks his name is ‘boy’!  Everyone in my world uses this term for him, so going forward when I reference ‘boy’ or ‘the boy’ you will know that is my son.  For those of you that have teenagers you can appreciate the joyful attitude that they have first thing in the morning and then again when you pick them up from school—NOT!!!  He’s a really good kid and I am grateful for that, yet like all teenagers he can use some attitude adjustments at certain times of the day…let’s hope he is not reading the blog!!!

A year and a half ago I moved from TN back home to Fairfax, Vermont because my mother was having a health challenge (she is better now)…I am an only child and when I got that phone call on Feb. 14th of 2015 in TN, I knew that I never wanted to be that far away again and receive a phone call like that.  So within 3 months I purged and packed and bought a house in VT and by May 2015 we were living here back in Northern Vermont.  That being said there is ALWAYS something to do here concerning work, the boy, the house or the land…so probably, like most of you I feel like I never stop and today is no different.

I did want to sit and get this first post done for you because it has been on my mind all day.  That’s my story for today, I will be back tomorrow and I hope that you will join me.

Sending you all love and prayers…

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