All In With A Winning Hand

Have you ever gone to Vegas and sat at a gambling table?  Or maybe you’ve played poker with some friends.  Have you ever trusted the hand that was dealt to you so much that  you went “All In” ?  Every last chip you had in front of you, you slid them into the middle of the table, knowing with all your heart & soul that you had a winning hand?

Your attitude was a little cocky, your eyes were a little squinted and your demeanor was a lot challenging.  But you trusted your gut!   And you knew that once you went “All In” you wouldn’t be able to change your mind.  You can’t say never mind & pull them back out.  You can’t beg for mercy or cry or throw the table over.  You sit with your decision.  And Hope.  And Trust.  

THAT is how we should feel about all our choices.  We should know with our deepest knowing.  Our GUT!  Trust with all the blood running through our veins.  Move ahead into what we said we’d do with the strongest of assurance and conviction.  The knowing from deep inside.  When our heart palpitates, our gut somersaults, our skin tingles.  Like that.

Not the flighty thoughts that meander around our brain on a whimsical day, but the thoughts and ideas we contemplate on, makes lists about and ask others a list of questions on.  Those ones.

Let the idea boil, then let it simmer and if you still feel convicted in your gut… at your place of truth… then it is yours to manifest.  It’s yours to go after.  Just like pushing your chips into the middle of the table.   With Hope. With Trust. Move forward with adventure and certainty.  Going “All In” with what you have in front of you knowing that your return will be tenfold.

And…as always, have fun doing it.



Your God girl,


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