The Whole Truth

Do you know the Truth?  Would you know It if It hit you in the head?  Would you know It if It came out of left field?  Would you know It if It came out of the mouth of the man across the table?

Ladies, it so so so so, (did I say SO?), important that you know the Truth.  Your Truth. Who you are deep down.  Beyond your insecurities, beyond your fears and doubts, beyond the place where you think you know.  

I don’t even know you & I know that you are a beautiful, captivating, gorgeous woman.  How do I know?  Because I KNOW that God doesn’t make less than that.  We are made with love and honor and dignity and breathtaking beauty at our core.  It is the world and some of the people in it who tend to disagree.  And the only reason they disagree and have the gumption to speak degrading, mean & cruel words to us  is because they don’t know their Truth.  

Once you know, you see everyone from those eyes, from that heart, from that space that you now live from.  And now that you know the Truth, you cannot go back to who you were before.  That girl you used to say not the greatest things about….  Yah, her.  You are not her any more.

Picture yourself out on a date with a fine man.  A man who makes you smile… just being in his presence lifts you up beyond where you were before he picked you up.  AND listen to his words.  Look to see if he acknowledges your Truth…..if he can even see it.  Does he appreciate your beauty?  Does he desire to know you more?  Does he treat you with respect and dignity?  

When you know your Truth, you will be able to see clearer than ever before.  Be your Truth.


Your God-girl


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