What’s Your Fear?

What’s your fear?

In the recent weeks, I have been shifting back and forth between several novels for entertainment purposes. To my surprise, none of these stories have managed to gain my full attention. It wasn’t until I was assigned the novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker for my English class, that I was truly glued to the pages I was reading.

For a significant portion of my life, I have always been interested in the genres of horror and fear. It is quite strange that I have this fascination considering that I refuse to watch many common horror films that are considered production classics.

Regardless, while reading these pages I began to recall how the topic of fear seems to be such a beloved form entertainment among much of society. What I found incredibly interesting was that so many people could never imagine these genres directly affecting them in the real world.

I soon came to realize that although we might not experience the paranormal and disturbing events that occur within horror novels, we as individuals all have something that manages to instill fear within us.

For example, young children might experience the irrational fears of monsters under their bed, while adults experience different forms of said fear regarding the real world and the challenges it can present. Often times as people, our fears aren’t so irrational at all because they correlate with experiences we are currently going through. Many might have fears of not having the ability to achieve their goals, while other might feel that they aren’t worthy of creating them. It was during this realization that I came to the conclusion that as a society, we must come to terms with the things that frighten us. We must pinpoint the goals that we have set for ourselves, and we must not fear the failure that these goals might result in.

After all, these fears could not compare to those we read about in novels…

-Dani <3

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