What Makes Your Identity..You?

The term “identity” has become our most recent topic of discussion at school. What shapes your identity? What makes you, you?

Of course, when I started thinking about it, I thought this is one heck of a topic question to pose to teens who are just starting their high school years. Once you start growing up and meeting new people, you begin to question who you truly are as a person.

How you would introduce yourself to others.

What do you like?

What do you dislike?

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?

What makes you… well YOU?

Although it seems like a simple concept, this whole “identity” thing is pretty hard to figure out.

It’s especially hard for us teens when we want to be liked and welcomed by other people. Sometimes we struggle when it comes to being true to ourselves because we don’t know how others are going to perceive it. Take me for example; I am a young girl who has grown up in the U.S., but comes from a family of very proud “Latinos”. Thankfully I live in an area with lots of kids like me, but others aren’t as fortunate. I know that there are kids who don’t feel like they could fit in with the pure “Latin” crowd, but they also don’t really fit in with the “all-American” crowd. This idea of fitting in is something I guess we will all encounter throughout our life.

We are defined not just by our cultures but also our likes and dislikes. Incredibly, sometimes we’re even defined by those around us. Think about those movie cliches where the football player has a secret passion for theater, but he feels as though he doesn’t fit in either group. It might seem cheesy, but incidents like those occur all the time.

Finding out your identity can definitely be a difficult task, but once you start figuring it out, you gotta be proud of what makes you… well YOU!


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