Warning Label

Warning label….

Sunday afternoon. I ate an incredibly healthy lunch of sour cream and onion chips with a Diet Pepsi on the side.Sometimes a Momma’s gotta lean into her cravings. I’m just surprised I didn’t. chase it with some Reese’s.In my ears the simply incredible Rag n Bone man doing “All You Ever Wanted”.

March is just days away and I’m so ready for Spring. I’m just ready. For a breather. A break. Winter has been long. Throw in mandatory lockdowns. Uncertainty. A pandemic. People REALLY showing you who they are.

Like not even trying to hide.

Every week I write my blog and put a piece of me or my life in words. And I take a breath and try incredibly hard to be careful. Of what I say. What I write. I never want to be misunderstood or inadvertently hurt someone. Even if I am writing about being hurt by someone, but man… that has not been the way has it?

Computer screens have given people this inflated sense of courage.To say things… I would hope they wouldn’t say in person.

But maybe…

We have started assigning labels and categories.Pitting generations against each other getting into frankly ridiculous arguments.

Girl, part your hair however you want and I am gonna wear skinny jeans forever cause I’m short and regular jeans and I are not friends.

Did you read that sentence?

Silly right?

Cause it is.

Then we have Mom categories.

Depending on who you talk to (my ex) I’m a helicopter Mom.If you talk to my daughter she KNOWS I do not want to be like the “cool” Mom from the Mean Girls movie.She thinks it’s cool one of her teachers thought I was her sister, I honestly was kinda mortified.

There’s Southern Moms, Soccer Moms, Tiger Moms, Moms Who Swear, Northern Moms, Drunk Moms, Cool Moms, Mama Bears, Inked Moms, THAT Mom, … I could keep going.

I think you get it.

I am Ace’s Mom. Ace short for Gabby Grace.

I am an incredible worry wart. I take things way too personally. I feel like I ‘m never enough. I like tacos. Love music, Reese’s, iced coffee. I obsess about the weirdest things.

Have an unhealthy crush on Henry Cavill, sometimes Henry Rollins. I love to read. I was told I could never have her,Ace. one of us wouldn’t make it. I wish she has had siblings. My pregnancy was a geriatric pregnancy.

I am sorry I am a single Mom but now I am happier this way.I have tattoos.Piercings.Believe in God but am a Buddahist.Am passionate about so much but respect you are too.I read. A lot. Like three books at a time.I am shy, painfully. I do things outside of my comfort zone to fight that.Band t-shirts are my favorite kinda shirt.My dog is the best 90 pound lap dog in the world.You can pull a lot of labels out what I just shared with you.

My hope is this… just know like you, I’m someone’s Mom. Doing the best I can. Hoping for the best for mine, hoping she is happy and healthy and her life is light in heartache and I wish all this for yours as well.

Be safe.

Take care and Much love Mommas

<3 Caprise

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