Buffie Norby

New Day.

New Life.

New Me.

That’s Buffie in a nutshell.

Buffie lives in a world of serving. Serving everyone and anyone who has a need. Her heart is bigger than many and her tank is overflowing with the compassion, care and love that it takes to get outside of oneself and give and give and..yet again..give.

In this world of battles, Buffie has overcome. All the ragged roads, the disheveled homes, the messed up realities and the wretched choices…. This over comer now lives a life where she sits in joy and gratitude for all she has, all she has been through and all she has become.

Quite an over comer, through and through. Moving from group home to group home, from school to school, and not knowing where the next bite of food or warm blanket was going to come from, she persevered.

In the middle of the mess, there was no vision for seeing a way out. Being in survival mode does that to a person. Building walls, acting out, living on the street were a way of life. It was what she knew, what she deserved and she took it as it showed up.

UNTIL She failed at taking her life, which was the exact sign she needed to dig deeper and love herself as she loved so many. That moment… as natural as the birds fly south, something in her gut told her it was time. Time & reason to change. It tugged at her heart, it breathed life into her soul. Somewhere deep down inside, she knew God was not done with her and there was a reason for all of it.

One step at a time, one miracle at a time, one friend at a time….she moved out of the old mindset, out of the old life, out of the old behaviors and owned her name in the world!

The rest is history.

Ninety pounds lighter on a journey for 90 more to disappear and getting a degree at 47, she smiles at her life and is over joyed with who she is…..

Smart Capable Enough – Buffie

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