Unstoppable—Practicing Relentless JOY

Unstoppable– impossible to stop

Relentless– constant, continuing. 

Last Saturday on ‘The Coffee Chat’ show I told you to watch out for when ‘monkey mind’ started to try and sabotage your momentum…I warned you to stay vigilant and not let that stop you.  We talked about ‘doing the thing and getting the power’ –knocking out the stuff that you have been neglecting to finish or have put off.  Now I am going to remind you that ‘monkey mind’ is not the only thing that will try to get in your way when you are on a roll—the force of chaos itself will start throwing things in your path to try and deter you from your renewed power.  Here is a real-life example from this morning…

Having promised you guys on Saturday that I would dive in and start finishing shit that I have been putting off, I made good on my promise and spent the weekend catching up on the Leadership Training modules, knocking out modules of another training program that I have been dragging on since last March and finishing one of the books that has been sitting half-read for 2 or 3 years now.  Getting all that done filled me with huge amounts of energy and ideas to do and accomplish even more—so I woke up this morning ready to rock and roll, walked into my sitting/prayer room and was assaulted by EIGHT shit stains on the WHITE carpet from one of the cats who must have had it on their paws…. EIGHT stains—mind you this was all BEFORE my first espresso…

NOW—some people would have let that define and ruin their entire day, however being as well-trained as I am and understanding that my JOY comes from making it up – I just proceeded downstairs to get the Resolve and a rag and I sprayed and cleaned all the stains with the cats looking on as if they had nothing to do with my plight…

THEN—I went back downstairs and made espresso and truthfully burst out loud laughing because I, honest to God, saw how chaos was trying SO HARD to steal my joy and throw me off my game.  I realized that when I get into ‘beast mode’ with my personal power and productivity, I am a force of nature and the catalyst to making a lot of good things happen for people— the forces of chaos don’t like that—they like it better when we leave things undone, when we feel fat and shitty about ourselves, when we complain, overeat, drink too much, spend days binge-watching Netflix etc—chaos feeds off of apathy and complacency.  It breeds there and manufactures illness, depression, fear, sadness and a shitload of other things that are not helpful.

So let me remind you today that you must access your unstoppable nature and decide to practice RELENTLESS JOY for NO reason other than the choice is yours—EVERY DAY THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Choose wisely— remember your Universal attraction point is where your vibration is—so choosing JOY means more joy finds its way to you.  If I can be happy cleaning up shit on a Monday morning before coffee—you can be happy wherever you are as well.

See you Saturday morning for Coffee Chat.  

XO, Noelle

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