TWSM Movie Review ‘The Proposal’

I remember when ‘The Proposal came out.  I’ve always loved Sandra Bullock, but I just wasn’t interested in this movie.  And Ryan Reynolds – well, he just didn’t do anything for me.  So, I passed. 

The other night I happened to see that it was on tv and watched it. I loved it!  It made me laugh and for a couple of hours, any problems that were in my life at that time were non-existent.  

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret, a heartless and ruthless publisher in New York City.  She is a tyrant to her employees and is secretly called “The Witch” (or maybe a little worse). They all hate her including her miserable assistant Andrew, played by Ryan Reynolds, who does nothing right.

Margaret happens to be from Canada and one day finds out that she is being deported because she let her Visa expire.  She finds out that if she marries an American, she will be able to stay in the U.S.  So, what does she do?  She orders Andrew to marry her.  He, of course, refuses but after much bantering agrees but she must do two things:  1.  She has to get down on one knee and propose to him; and 2. She must travel to Alaska with him for his grandmother’s (played by Betty White)  90th birthday.

Off they go! Neither one is happy but they’re doing it.  The hard-nosed defensive woman who finds pleasure in making others unhappy puts on a good front with Andrew’s loving and welcoming family, eventually unable to resist the love they bestow upon her.  She finds herself caring about them and realizes she doesn’t want to hurt them with a fake marriage. Meanwhile, even though the arguing continues behind closed doors between the soon to be wed couple, their walls eventually start to come down.  She opens to him, telling him about her past that made her the tyrant she is today.  His heart softens a little.  Could there be something there after all?

This movie is a feel-good movie.  It will make you believe that people can change.  It will make you believe in the power of love, not necessarily between a man and woman, but between a lonely woman who is welcomed and loved by complete strangers.  It will leave you with hope – hope that life can be better.  Hope — we all crave and need it right now.  Hope for a better future.  Believe!!  Believe because a better future will come at you when you least expect it and sometimes in the craziest ways.


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