TWSM Movie Review ‘Playing For Keeps’

Playing for Keeps

Career ………. Over.

 Family ………. gone.

 Money ……… what the heck is money?

George is a former professional soccer player who played against many of the greats including David Beckham.  He had it all – fame, fortune, family.  He had it all until he messed it all up.  

He finds himself broke, alone, and lonely.  Soccer is all he’s ever known.  He’s been trying to break into the sports broadcasting business but with no luck.  George finds himself lower than low and decides that he at least wants to spend his time with what he considers the most important part of his life – his son. That prompts a sudden move back to Virginia where his ex-wife (Stacie) and son (Lewis) live – along with her new fiancé. The reconciliation between him and his family is a welcome one yet awkward at times.  

George ends up finding himself coaching his son’s soccer team after realizing it was evident that the coach knew absolutely nothing about the game and cared even less!  After one coaching session with his new team, he was a superstar to these kids!  He also became a superstar to many of the moms sitting in the stands — many of them either divorced or unhappily married.  These women threw himself at him, but he didn’t succumb to their advances.  After all, his heart was still with his ex-wife whether she wanted to realize it or not.

In order to get his attention, one of the soccer moms was able to get George an interview with ESPN for a sports announcer.  It was his dream job.  He flew to Connecticut for an interview and nailed the audition.  He got the job!

Upon arriving back in Virginia, he immediately pays a visit to his ex and tells her about his newfound success and makes it clear to her that he doesn’t want to do this alone – he wants his family with him.  Although it’s evident in her face that feelings still exist, she turns him down and is angry for leaving their son AGAIN!  

The day comes for George to leave.  He stops and says his goodbyes.  It is obvious that it’s not just his son who is sad to see him leave.  So obvious, that after George pulls out of the driveway to begin his new adventure, Stacie’s fiancé turns to her and asks if she still loves George.  At the same time George is looking back at his life and what really matters. 


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