TWSM Movie Review ‘Kidnap’

TWSM Movie Review ‘Kidnap’





That’s pretty much all you hear between Karla (Halle Berry) and her son Frankie on a beautiful sunny day at the park.  This is how she keeps track of him, making sure he’s still close when he’s not in her sight.  Karla is a divorced, single mom working as a waitress in a local diner.  Frankie is her world.

While at the park Karla receives an unexpected phone call from her lawyer telling her that her ex-husband and his girlfriend want to file for primary custody of their son.  Karla is devastated at this news and is afraid as well.  Her ex is in real estate and his girlfriend is a pediatrician.  When her lawyer evidently asks her if she is gainfully employed, she tells him that she is a waitress and to “do the math” when it comes to financially comparing her to her ex.  All the while she is not forgetting about the “Marco Polo” game.  That is why once she is off the phone and yells “Marco” and receives no response she is immediately concerned. After several “Marco” attempts she finally realizes that Frankie is nowhere to be seen. She begins yelling for him by name but still no answer.  Eventually she finds his toy voice recorder on a bench.  When she plays it back, she can hear a woman named “Margo” convincing Frankie that it is ok for him to go with her.  She frantically runs through the park yelling his name and eventually sees a woman struggling with her Frankie to put him into her car.  She runs to the car and clings to it, desperately trying to save her son.  In the end, she is thrown from the car and loses her phone in the process.  

For just a couple of seconds she is dumbfounded.  What just happened!  But then she realizes that someone has taken her son.  Mom mode sets in.  Trust me, Mom mode is nothing to be taken lightly.

She gets in her minivan and takes off after the green mustang which evidently houses “Margo” and her beloved Frankie.  She goes after them HARD!  She is fearless, aggressive, and will never EVER give up.  After many miles of a chase and many close encounters in which it seems like she just might almost have him, nothing has worked.  Nevertheless, Karla is a mother and even when her van runs out of gas, there is no force in the universe that can stop her when it comes to her child.  She flags down a fellow driver begging for his help. 

The kidnappers (yes, Margo has an accomplice) realize how close she is to getting to them and ram into the side of the good Samaritan’s car.  Unfortunately, the kind person who stops to help her make it…..but neither does Margo’s accomplice.  She grabs his wallet to find out where he lives and discovers that she is only two miles away from his house.  She walks there…in the dark.  Not much more I can say about the movie because at this point it would be giving away the ending, and “spoiler 

In all honesty, this is not one of the best movies I have seen.  Particularly not one of Halle Berry’s best.  It seems like a lot of the movie is her driving in her minivan chasing after the abductors.  But just stop and think for a minute … what is this movie really all about anyway.  “Kidnap” projects the innate force of love and protection a mother has for her child.  I know that personally all during the movie I kept thinking “Yeah, I would do that for sure!  I would do that!  Oh, I would hit her with that shovel so hard she wouldn’t wake up until the next century!” And yes, I believe all of that about myself and then some – because they are my children and I am their protector. 

If you’ve ever doubted yourself as a mother, or ever doubted yourself and what your capable of, well this movie is proof positive that you have inside of you more than you realize.  It proves that no matter what walk of life we have come from or what we are going through, we will do whatever it takes to protect our children.  My mantra has always been, “You can say or do whatever you want to me, but don’t mess with my kids.” Honestly, in this lifetime when you involve my kids in something, then we have taken life to a new level that no one knew ever existed. This level includes a new me, a different me, a me you will never see unless you mess with my kids.

In the wild for example, there is nothing more powerful than a Mama Bear with her cubs.  The same holds true for we humans.  I honestly believe there is no more powerful bond than the love between a mother and her child.  

This movie depicts a lot about the mother doing whatever it takes to protect her son.  You might think some of it is farfetched.  That’s ok because the entire reason I decided to go ahead and write a review for this movie is that motherly instinct that lies within us all.  Don’t ever doubt that if faced with any sort of similar situation that you would back down.  You would not.  You are a mom.  A mom is the highest calling in the world.  

Even if you were raised by a mom that might not have had that “motherly instinct”.  Maybe it was someone who mistreated you, or just didn’t treat you the way an innocent child needed to be treated.  Even if all or one of these is true, it does not define who you are as a mother or who you will be when you become one.  There are bad seeds in every walk of life.  But this movie, fiction as it may be for most of us as far as the circumstances, shows what a mom does when it comes to her child.  If your mom wasn’t there for you in your darkest hour and when you needed her more than you ever have, I am so deeply sorry for you.  Just remember that the reason for it, or lack thereof, had absolutely nothing to do with you.  It was all on her, and everyone has a different story to tell.

What would you do if your child were in danger?  You would go to your farthest point and then one million miles beyond that.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Believe in the power that lives inside you!


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