TWSM Movie Review ‘I Feel Pretty’

TWSM Movie Review ‘I Feel Pretty’

Amy Schumer plays Renee, an insecure woman with little to no self-confidence.  She works for a famous cosmetics company but instead of working in the swanky main office, she and another employee work in the basement of a building in Chinatown. Just one more thing that makes her feel less about herself as a person.

She is a little overweight and decides to try a cycle class.  The savvy, confident instructor walks in with her perfect bod and yelling words of encouragement and the whole class cheers.  The class starts and Renee goes from total insecurity to having fun – for a few seconds anyway.  She falls off the bike and is knocked out after hitting her head hard.

When she wakes up, Renee sees herself in the mirror and is stunned.  She can’t believe what she sees.  She is beautiful!  As a matter of fact, she is unrecognizable. A Bombshell! She goes on and on about her sudden transformation to the SoulCycle employee who is with her when she awakes.  The stunned girl has no idea what is going on because Renee woke up looking exactly as she did before the fall.  But in Renee’s eyes, she’s a completely different person.

The previously insecure Renee is now a confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin.  She now has the confidence to go after what she wants in life with no fear.  She lands the Receptionist job at the company where she used to be hidden in a basement.  She enters a bikini body contest. The crowd loves her above all the others and even though she doesn’t win the competition she tells her boyfriend, another addition to her “new” life, that she doesn’t care that she didn’t win because she doesn’t need external validation to know that she’s beautiful.

To live with this level security in not only your looks but what you are capable of as well is most women’s dream.  We women tend to be so hard on ourselves.  We compare ourselves to television personalities, models in magazines, our friends, our neighbors, people on the street!  It’s maddening and drives us crazy and causes us to do insane things such as crash diets, buying anything advertised that promises us the beauty that we so crave!  Well, it’s time to stop!  Just STOP!

The truth is I absolutely loved this movie. I loved it because it teaches us that what we need to succeed in life is already inside us.  We don’t need external beauty in order to excel at what we desire.  We need to realize that we are so much more than what we will ever see in a mirror.  Who we are is what is on the inside of us, what makes us real and unique.  Once we can accept ourselves is when our dreams and even beyond are attainable and within our reach.

Does Renee ever realize the truth about herself and life and her beauty?  Well …… a good reason to watch the movie, I Feel Pretty.  Enjoy!!



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