TWSM Book Review ‘EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide To Emotional Intelligence’

EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence by Justin Bariso

If you’re looking for a practical read that can help you in both your professional and personal life, EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence by Justin Bariso is a great choice. Bariso takes EQ, the idea that our ability to understand and manage emotions can greatly increase our chances for success, and brings it home with everyday ideas of how EQ can help you with your work, family, and friends. 

Bariso is an author, speaker, and consultant, and one of’s most popular columnists. His thoughts on leadership, management, and EQ have been featured by Time, CNBC, and Forbes. I find it interesting that Bariso was raised in a multicultural environment. He credits this with helping him to see others’ perspectives from an early age, and understanding how factors like age, background, and upbringing color how we see the world. 

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from EQ Applied

“Put simply: emotional intelligence is the ability to make emotions work for you instead of against you.” (Chapter 1) 

“Recording is concentrated listening, with the interest to learn more about the other person’s perspective. In other words, don’t listen to help figure out how to reply; instead, listen to understand.” (Chapter 2) 

Some days are harder than others. But that’s just the truth for all of us. So instead of fighting that, or fighting ourselves, we acknowledge and accept ourselves as humans who feel all the feelings. And none of them are permanent, and we’re not weird, broken, or flawed for having them. Just human.” (Chapter 2) 

EQ Applied includes topics like how our thoughts and habits affect our emotions, why we should view all feedback as a gift, and how understanding ourselves can help us to build deeper and healthier relationships. 

Bariso also explains what he calls “the dark side of EQ” or how EQ can be used for harm. His description of Hitler’s use of EQ is chilling. As a skilled orator, Hitler used his ability to tap into fear, anger, and resentment to gain support of the masses. He would practice his speeches meticulously to assure maximum emotional manipulation. Although most of us will never encounter this level of emotional manipulation, Bariso explains how understanding everyday attempts to influence our emotions can help us to protect ourselves. 

I highly recommend EQ Applied. It is a thought provoking book, an easy read, and it may just help you to improve your relationships both at home and work.


Rating 4 stars out of 5

Copyright 2018 by Justin Bariso 

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