TWSM Tuna Recipe Round-Up Review

Tuna Recipe Round-Up

Early on in the pandemic inspired-shutdowns and stay at home orders my boss gave me two cases of canned tuna. That’s a lot of tuna. Dylan and I quickly grew tired of the simple tuna salad sandwiches I normally make on a hurried Saturday afternoon full of chores and errands. A mission to find alternative recipes and ideas for canned tuna ensued. I asked friends and people on foodie Facebook groups for their favorites, and I tried several to narrow it down to our three favorites.


Tuna Casserole for One from One Dish Kitchen

Dylan and I made tuna casserole one rainy evening when we both needed comfort food. It was easy to double to make it “for two” and utilizes standard pantry staples. I did discover as I was preparing the dish there was no lemon juice in the house. Cooking sherry proved to be a good substitute that provided a richness and elevated the dish. I also included some celery for nostalgia and crunch. Tuna casserole was a hit, and I’m pleased to find a recipe that can be easily prepared even on evenings I’m alone.


Spicy Sriracha Tuna Wraps from Gimme Delicious


Who else misses sushi? There isn’t a sushi place open around my area yet, and I’m having withdrawals for a good spicy tuna roll. Spicy Sriracha Tuna was a wonderful substitute to satisfy my cravings for now. Because I needed something easier to eat than a wrap while eating lunch at my desk to meet a deadline, I turned the tuna mixture into a salad of sorts on a bed of spinach. Perfect for a working lunch! It would also be fantastic picnic fare. In addition to a wrap, I feel it would also be good stuffed in an avocado half or cucumber boat.

Easy Tuna Dip from Pamela Salzman

When I described this tuna dip via text to my dear friend River, he said “So it’s a tuna hummus,” which I thought was a good way of describing it. Because I never use anchovy paste, after some research, I substituted it for Worcestershire sauce, which worked perfectly. The capers provided a wonderful saltiness and “umammi.” I used the suggested white beans, although optional avocado would give this a nice creaminess I think would be fantastic. Dylan wasn’t interested in trying this tuna dip, so I was able to enjoy it all to myself on the deck one lazy Sunday afternoon following online church worship services. It was excellent with gluten free nut crackers, bell pepper slices, carrot rounds, and celery sticks. I think a good crusty toasted bread would also be a tasty choice.



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