True North

My journey is long & narrow & tough to boot, but I’m on it… following my True North.


My Tru (eNor) th.  My Truth.  I’ve got my good gloves & tall boots on.

The opponent knows exactly how to attack me too.  Jabbing left and right. Throwing jealous thoughts, unworthy ideas and a who-gives-a-blankety-blank attitude to me at neck-breaking speed.  Does he lure you with an ex-husband, old lifestyle, broken bad habit.  Tempt you with food, shopping, romance novels.  Attracting you with anxiety, burdens and drama.

Have you ever allowed your ego to get in the way?  Let it have something to say? and sometimes… actually make time to listen?

I did.  But NOT anymore!   NOW as I fill my life with God’s ever-powerful grace & mercies, I get closer to my True North.  My raw, real, vibrant self.  And the more I am aware of and ready for the enemies attacks… the stronger I stand.  I’m vigilant at best.  Standing with the Truth in my back pocket, always available at my fingertips whenever I need it.  Now that I can see, hear and taste the lies, I’m not so gullible to listen.

When I get hit from behind, out of nowhere, ….and I’m heading down the rabbit hole, I am reminded of my Truth & I’m back on track.  “THIS IS NOT happening today!” with a big ‘Kapow’ in my voice.  The kind of Kapow that Robin explodes with, while fighting alongside Batman.

I have no room for the enemy’s lies or lurking.  I remember when I’d plummet and stay depressed for days.  Listening to the lies, believing them and saddling up with the enemy on his sissy seat.  But now, because of the courage, wisdom and knowing My Truth, which fills me up from head to toe, I can turn the other cheek, tell him to take a peanut and go away and press on with my day.

It is that “I know like I know, like I KNOW” understanding that I have and the many upswings, joys and victories that I hold on to, rather than give the opponent even one inkling of attention.



Your God girl


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