Take Stock Of All The Good

Take stock of all the good…

I recently read an article about how to quiet our fear and unlock Joy in our lives. We are almost a year in to the pandemic, many of us are feeling raw or numb. We never thought we’d still be under the thumb of the pandemic after a year. We have all had to adjust our lives in different ways, some of us have lost family members or people close to us call, some have lost jobs and as a result we feel a little fearful about the future. 

One of the remedies offered in the article is to look and see all the simple ways others care for us. For instance, one of my brothers either calls or texts me every day, partly because he wants to check in with me to make sure I’m doing OK, but also, we simply enjoy each other’s company. Prior to the pandemic I would talk to him maybe once a month. My son-in-law is constantly calling or stopping by to help with little things around the house. I am grateful to be looked after in such ways.

Another remedy is called being generous with your life. Look for ways that you can reach out and help others. I was in Walmart last week buying cat litter. Many of the shelves were empty but the box I was looking for had one left on a shelf at eye level. Being short, I couldn’t reach it on my own, but right behind me we’re too young women with a toddler in their cart. They came over and said let us help. They picked the toddler up out of the cart and said what fun it would be to crawl on the shelves, and sent him up on the shelf to retrieve the box that I was looking to purchase. He thought it was great fun, and I was blown away by their kindness.

So even in the middle of a seemingly endless pandemic, if we are truthful and take stock of all the good around us, we will realize that there is still much to be grateful for.



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