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Starting To Take My Life Back

I started taking part of my old life back…

In March, working from home, felt like a dream… I had always wanted to work from home or have the flexibility.  Then in a matter of weeks, we were all home.  Trying to manage it all, work, school, household duties, plus trying to avoid catching a deadly virus.   Not knowing what to do and what not to do…and soon it was 6 months later and we were all still home.  Yes, I had learned how to adapt to the new normal and the constant changing of the world.  

At first, I would get up and stick to a routine, working out, putting on real clothes, planning ahead for my workday from home… I have even wrote about it a few times and the importance of sticking to a routine.   But over the next few months, things started to slip… less getting up early, less putting on work clothes, less planning ahead… it had turned into getting up 10 minutes before I turned on my computer. I quickly brushed my teeth and put on my same clothes that I had worn for the last 4 days.  No make up, no hair brushing, and maybe a pony tail.   And I am a routine person.  I love routines and I live for them… they make me feel accomplished.  

After about 4 months of being home, I just felt like I had no motivation.  It was beginning to get harder and harder to concentrate on work while I was at home.   I was constantly bombarded with interruptions from my children.  I could not stay on track with any tasks.  I would try to be the supermom with doing it all, but then I felt like my work was slipping…the thought of another zoom meeting makes we want to throw up.

I could not get back on track.  Being at home everyday was not as fun as it started out to be…. It did not feel rewarding, instead it felt depressing and unmotivating.  I noticed that I was also working all the time, whenever I had a free moment I would hop on my computer to respond to an email.   

So here we are in October.. wondering if Halloween is cancelled… wishing for 2020 to just end.  I am pretty sure the majority of us are wondering what next year will bring.  We are just waiting, we are in limbo, trying to figure out how this will all end.

Honestly, I was tired of it all… and I dreaded spending another long day at home, so I decided to start going back into the office a couple days a week.  I could not wait any longer.  I never thought that I would be choosing to go into the office, instead of working from home.  Working from home was my dream.

6 months later, I was setting my alarm for 5:15 am to go workout, come home quick and get into the office by 8.  I had to dig out my “work” clothes which were buried in the back of my closest..hoping they still fit.   I was packing my lunch and remembering to grab my Diet Mountain Dew as I headed out the door.

It was amazing, how after the 1st week, I felt so much better about myself.  I felt like I had a purpose again.  Just the feeling of laughing and joking with a few co workers in person, was rewarding.  I felt like I could actually accomplish and complete things. It was an exciting feeling, and a feeling that I have not felt in months.    

It also felt like I took a little bit of the old life back…the life before March.  It felt comforting with all the challenges and obstacles that we have overcame in the last 6 months.  It also opened the doors for us to start adding in other parts of our “old” life.   So, the kids and I started to attend church in person again.  What a feeling.

Even with all the changes this last year, I am learning to live a different way, along with trying to adapt to all of it, and doing it without losing our shit, somethings can still bring you back to how things were before…the old life.



Staying In Touch

Now that we all know our job, first and foremost, is staying home and being safe, we need to find a way to stay in touch with our clients and customers.

In these times, staying in touch should look a little bit different than normal. This isn’t the time to flood your contacts with marketing material  designed to sell products or services. hopefully your clients and customers already know about those. It’s a time to be helpful and informative. 

If you haven’t created a Blog, now might be the time to do just that. If you don’t have one, a quick and easy way to share information is on Facebook or Twitter if your clients and customers already follow you there. or more likely the way you have been staying in touch has been through email campaigns. Pick one, or all of these. I can hear you saying to yourself “but I’m already doing that”. If that’s true, the question is how often are you staying in touch? Ideally, once a week is best. The intent here is to stay top of mind, yet not intrusive. Provide information and don’t try to sell. Most importantly, be sincere.

Now, I can hear you saying “That’s all fine and dandy, but what kind of content do I send?” Well here are just a few examples.


COVID 19 checklist



Virus Home checklist



100 things to do while staying at home



Homekeepr article working from home


It really is up to you as to what to send. You know your clients and customers, hopefully better than anyone. What can you imagine they are thinking at this time? What do you think is important for them to know now?  What uplifting, positive stories would make them feel better?

The important thing is to reach into yourself, empathize and determine what would be most helpful right now. The most important thing is to stay in touch .





Unapologetic Apple Evangelist

Our Normal Routine Getting Flipped Upside Down

I am a routine person true and true… I do not handle abrupt change well so needless to say this last few weeks have been extremely hard.  I went into the week with everything planned and scheduled, by Friday everything was chaos.  No routine, no schedule, just a lot of unknowns.  

Let’s start with my career, I work in hotel sales. Thursday, March 12th, is when it all started to unravel for us…  We were going into back to back sold out weekends and then the coronavirus began to hit. In a matter of hours, it seemed like the world had changed…Hundreds of hotel cancellations had came thru, concerts cancelled, the NHL postponed… St Patrick’s Day activities were all put on hold. What started out as a typical Thursday had ended as one I will never forget.  It just escalated the next week with having to furlough most of our employees. I still feel at times I’m just living in a dream… 

That just transpired into my home life with sports cancellations, play dates postponed, stores closing,  and then the announcement of online learning would begin. So many abrupt schedule changes… and before that Thursday my biggest worry was having to get one kid to cheer and one to soccer at the same time..

Fast forward a few days.. The kids have now started distance learning and I’m working from home.  So much to process with changing schedules and all activities coming to a complete halt. It was complete overload.  I have a hard time making an instant transition when it’s not pre-planned.   

So here we are the first day in and I’m just a mess… I’m a creature of habit. I get up at 5:20 each day  go to the gym before work, come back and get ready… here I am with all gyms closed. I scrolled thru you tube for workout videos and there is about a million to choose from…which gives anyone a migraine. 

So instead I skipped working out for today, stayed in my pjs, ate chips while I worked from the couch.  By 4 pm, felt defeated and so overwhelmed with all the changes. I was crabby at my kids all day and yelled at them numerous times for the smallest things. It finally got to a point where my daughter said, “ why are you so crabby” nothing seemed to feel normal or in order. 

I think it was a lot of the abrupt changes and disruption to my normal schedule. I decided that night that I needed to get back on track. No one knew how long we would all be together and I would not survive without sticking to some sort of routine.  

The most important thing for me was still getting up and exercising. So starting the next day, I would be up by 6:30 and go for a 3 mile walk or run.  It felt like an accomplishment and some what normal. I also added in another short walk at the end of the day. I then get ready for the day and listen to a podcast, the same as if I was driving into the office.  

The distance learning is still a challenge for me and will take some time to get into more of a groove. I try and stick to the school schedule but with working from home and many interruptions it doesn’t go as planned. Honestly, if it says optional we skip it.  I have enough going in life right now without trying to be the overachiever teacher.  

I’m learning just do small things through out the day that keep it as normal as possible. Exercising, organizing, making a to do list, are all things that have kept me in as much as a normal routine as possible.  

I don’t make my kids do every activity that is sent out by their teachers… we do the best we can and we get through it.  We take it day by day… 



Home Sweet Home

“Home Sweet Home”….That’s a sign that many of us have hanging in our home somewhere. But, it might be taking on a different meaning after having been confined for a couple of weeks.

It’s one thing to take a couple of weeks off like a stay-cation, compared to someone telling us that we have to sit and stay and continue to be productive at work from home.

 Believe me, I know what it’s like. I have been working from home for a number of years doing a variety of jobs including being a realtor, and property manager, technology trainer and Dale Carnegie instructor.

Working from home seems like a dream opportunity until you actually are doing it, because reality sets in, and all of the distractions are difficult to juggle.  Our significant others and/or our children act as though if we are within view, then they can ask us for anything. And of course, we as wonderful partners and parents might actually prefer spending time with them than getting work done. Because, I can certainly finish my work later. That’s the great thing about working from home, right? Well, yes and no.

And let me be clear right here, I know there may be a number of people who feel that being forced to work from home is the equivalent to a prison sentence.  I feel you. My hope and intent here is to provide some suggestions to ease difficulties.

The first suggestion would be, if you can, to create designated times that you are working and can’t be disturbed. It could actually be as short as two hours depending upon your at home situation.  Ideally two four hour stints would be best, but hey, I know what it’s like. Of course figure in coffee and bathroom and fresh air breaks. Remember that this is a target to shoot for and not something to beat yourself up with because you can’t do it. 

The next important consideration, if you can do it, is have a designated space in your home where you are working. The intent here is to give yourself a physical distinction called ‘when I am here I am working’.  it could be anything from a separate room with the door that has its own computer and office set up to a table in the corner of a room that you can bring your laptop to. The thing here is to create a clear distinction of where you are working.  You can check Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, tik-tok, later in a different space, Just not here where you’re working during designated times…. Of course, I understand that some of you incorporate social media in your work… But you know what I’m getting at.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts with more tips and technologies suggestions.


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