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Welcome Spring

Welcoming Spring…we think rain, rain go away come again another day. It has been raining a lot lately, here in the Boston area. I remember when my son was little, he would beg me to let him go outside to play when it was raining. He would stand under the gutter spout and let it pour down on him. He would run around the yard in circles, with arms flailing, until he got so dizzy, he would fall. Laughing the whole time. Ah to be a kid again.

This thought has me stop. Right now. To put it on my to-do list “next time it’s raining…go outside, play like a little kid and bask in the glory of the rain”.

I sit here this morning watching the birds at the bird feeder, looking at the beautiful flowers popping up everywhere and I am overwhelmed with joy. If not for the rain…. We are blessed by the rain in so many ways.

Spring…with all the rain and the beautiful sunshine. It is a time of beginning, renewing, awakening. All that was asleep for the whole winter…. is now coming out to play. All that was quiet and inside and hunkered down is now up and at ‘em….living large.

The flowers, butterflies, bees, & dragonflies. The children with bicycles and roller blades and laughter. The gardening, lawn mowing and car washing. Things come to life in the spring.

Take the spring with all it’s beauty and treat yourself with love. As you awaken from a closed in state of mind, a shut out attitude, a tiredness you couldn’t seem to shake or a wonderful quiet and relaxing winter Welcome spring into your home, into your heart, into your life.

Let it rain.


Your God GIrl,


Pumpkin Spice-Is Everything Really Nice?

Pumpkin Spice? Is every really nice?

I have a confession. A deep dark secret which I have kept all my life.

I don’t hate fall.

There. It’s out! I said it!!

All my life fall has equated death, glum, sickness and cold fingers and faces. The trees end up bald. The weather is like a menopausal woman, freezing and nasty cold in the morning and a hot, humid mess by 11. I never saw anything good in this mud puddle of a season.

It has only been in the last two years I have really embraced how amazing fall is. Yes, my mom and sister both passed away during fall months. Yes my husband left me, twice, to deal with single parenthood, starting and running a business, home and car maintenance in the fall.

So sadness yes, BUT! I have discovered that I look adorable in boots and scarves!! I love spiced chai!!! I love how beautiful the trees look in their orange, yellow and red leaves BEFORE they go bald!!!!

Maybe all these things are shallow, but this is how I have learned to deal with my fall grief. I think about how my mom would love my scarf and totally make fun of my clearance-rack hat that I love…I think about my sister wanting to steal my boots and skinny jeans and completely rocking them with her giant 80’s hair that she never could leave behind.

I have learned that fall doesn’t equate death. No, it equates rest.

The earth needs a rest from sending its nurtrient to the trees, flowers, gardens and fields of grass! I need to rest from sending my energy out all summer doing fun things with my kids, being busy every single weekend helping friends move or doing bridal showers and baby showers and working myself to death while there is work available.

It means rest. For all of us moms who run a household, work, raise kids and dogs and bearded dragons.

It means rest. For us to gather our strength to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

It means rest so we can be there to hold up our closest friends when they are about to give out because life can be so hard.

I know I can’t possibly be the only one who gets a wee bit sad and teary about the gloom fall can bring, that being said…what are the things you find to brighten up this season for you? Bon fires, hoodies and toasting marshmallows? The clean crisp smell of the earth taking a deep breath as it settles in for its rest? Snuggling up with a good book and soft blanket while it feels like early morning for several hours?

Love always,
The B Word