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Doing Good For Others Is Doing Good For Yourself Too

Doing good for others is something everyone does, or should be doing. It doesn’t have to be something HUGE…a smile, or a wave is doing good for others, and it certainly makes you feel great about yourself seeing someone happy by something you have said or done.

Our school did the 12 Days of (insert school’s name)’s Christmas. I LOVED it. It was something new they did this year, and it was highly encouraged for students to participate. Saturday’s and Sunday’s were left off the calendar and the 12 days consisted of 12 days of school.  One day was a food drive-“Bring a can(s) of food for the local food bank”,  “Be an Angel and tell someone how much you are blessed to have them and why”, Wear a Christmas hat for $1 donation to the local food bank”, and so on….There were 12 days of the kids doing good for someone. Some days were simple things, such as wear Christmas bells to jingle in the Holiday cheer(poor faculty with all the kids in bells..lol)and my daughter said it was so cool, fun and made everyone happy and in a good mood. She said it was exciting to see the food piling up in the hallways from the can drive, and that all the different hats worn was really neat.  “I wonder why it has to be limited to around the Holidays?” I asked her. She wondered the same thing-she said doing good made her feel good too! I have talked to my children a lot about even the simple, free things for someone else can make a world of difference for that person and yourself. It’s not always about giving something, although if you can, please do! Take a moment and think about when the last time was that you felt good about doing good? Not just an every day chore but something above and beyond the normal of your every day routine..an out of the way gesture?



Love to All-Kim