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You Are Worth The Rainbow

You are worth the rainbow….A girlfriend came over tonight to pick up something that I made for her and she shared with me ‘The Slump’ she was in.  I reminded her that after every storm, there is a rainbow.  It may not be in her back yard, it may not be when she looks out her window toward the east and it may not be shooting across the sky in her part of town …but there is one.  It’s just how nature works.  

It’s an unknown natural law.  Like gravity.  It just IS.  Rainbows come after the rain.

I reminded her that SHE created the space she is in & SHE has the power to RE-create it too.  That her woeful thoughts, negative words, pity party for one, and sadness were creating a bigger slump.  

I drew a scenario for her…. Imagine…every bad attitude, every quitting thought, every “poor-me”, you are putting a shovel into the ground and tossing the soil away.  The more she pitied, and lamented and teared up, the more shovelfuls she tossed, AND the bigger the hole around her was getting.  And now…the harder it will be to climb out of it. 

I challenged her to start today.  To do something different…  Imagine…. with every uplifting thought, with every accomplishment, with every “yay-me” she could toss a shovelful of soil back into the hole bringing her closer to the top with every one.  And pretty soon, there will be no hole at all.  She’ll be able to GO.  Easily, simply, happily GO.  Just GO.  

Nothing stopping her.  She won’t be held back by her reluctance, she won’t be tied down by her sorrow.  She’ll be free.  Standing in the victory.  On the other side of her Slump.  Standing in the freedom because SHE recreated the space she was in.  Because SHE did something different in the middle of her storm.  And mostly because SHE knew she was worth the rainbow.


Your God-girl