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Part Two:What Is Karma?

Karma is not a punishment

Karma has gotten a bad rap as of late, until I started on my spirtual journey of growth I thought of it as only a punishment for doing wrong. In having this darker negative veiw of karma I put myself through so much more than I needed. “Why is this happening to me?” or “what did I do to deserve this bad karma coming to me?”  I would tell myself over and over when things didn’t go my way or I got hurt. Even when Im watching people get rewarded after they have done me and others wrong “where is their karma?”.

The more growth I experience spiritually, the more i grow out of the 3d mindset, the more I am awakened to Karams truth. It truly isn’t a punisher…

Karma is a Teacher

Karma is here to teach us the lessons our soul needs to learn, not everyone’s lessons are the same. Until you learn what you are supposed to learn the lesson will repeat itself. This can tend to become painful, hence where I believe it gets its bad wrap.

We all have specific lessons meant for us, I’ve found if I do not know what i’m supposed to be learning  , I take a long look at the patterns in my behavior or choices I make, as well as the people, places and things around me.

Your karma, your lessons only need to be as painful as you allow them. If something repeatedly painful pops up in your life, pay attention, I can guarantee there’s a lesson your missing.

Until next time…

Always be unapologetically true to yourself,