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TWSM Recipe Review ‘Cucumber and Radicchio Salad’


Cucumber and Radicchio Salad

I was missing the summer weather so I figured I would put together a summer salad as a side. If you are not familiar radicchio it is in the chicory family. Raw it has a bitter and spicy taste to it. It is fantastic when paired with something sweet or salty, the bitter balances out the flavors. A great addition to this salad would be cherry tomatoes and capers.

Prep Time: 5 minutes           Assemble Time: 2 minutes


  • 1 large cucumber
  • Half a head of radicchio
  • Fresh dill
  • Good quality Italian dressing
  • Fresh parsley
  • S&P
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • A small shallot
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Grated parmesan

First slice your cucumbers into half-moons, then cut the radicchio to the same size or smaller than the cucumbers. Now mince the fresh dill and add it to the bowl with the vegetables.

Now how much dressing you make will completely depend on your taste. I absolutely drowned mine, so I will not include the measurements. Roughly you will need 1.5 cups of the Italian dressing shaken, ½ cup of lemon juice, a hand full of parsley, the garlic and shallot, 1/3 cup of the parm, and S&P then blend it all together. You want it to be as thick as Caesar, if it is to lose add more oil or to thick add caper juice, lemon juice, or white balsamic. Once you have the desired texture taste it then adjust seasonings. Now just pour over the veggies and serve immediately. If you want to save some DO NOT dress all the salad. Only dress what you will serve then you can save and serve again with out it being watery.

~The Prosperous Plate

‘Experiencing the world one bite at a time.’

Sum Sum Summertime

Another summertime day to spend with the sun on your face. Seriously?” you grumble, “When will I have time for that?Between phone calls and laundry piles and errands, on your lunch break at the office, in the pickup lane at the school waiting for the kids and on a Sunday between church and meeting your girlfriends for lunch. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Give yourself five minutes whenever you can. Sit with your face to the sky. Draw in all the wonder of the sunshine. Soak up the heat and the beauty of the sun. As it brightens your face with a natural D3 glow…. It just might brighten your mood.

Do you feel better when you look in the mirror and see some rosy cheeks, or tawny skin, or freckles speckled on your nose? Whatever you see looking back at you, the sun has a way of brightening the day, changing the mood and enhancing that self love, self talk, self adoration stuff. …..It really does.

I remember when I was a little girl, I used to love going to the beach. Running through the waves, building sand castles and burying my sister waist high…. but most of all… the sun was the best part. It made me feel energetic, full of life and unstoppable. I always wondered what it must be like to be a mermaid, able to bask in the sun with no chores to do, no school bus to catch and no reason to change your clothes. So amazing, right?

The joy that I got from playing in the sun brought me to a place that only the sun could do. Now as an adult I beg for 5 minutes in between everything. To turn my face to the sky, to bask in the beauty of the heat & be reminded that a simple joy… is right here. Yay for Summertime!

Your God Girl


Adventures In Parenting: Baby Pool Fiasco

It started the way all of my best friend stories start — with a great idea! It was time that my best friend’s one year old son should have a baby pool. As the two of us rode to the toy store in her minivan, we envisioned the perfect afternoon:

Her angelic one year old would splash in the pool while the sun gently shone upon him. He would love the brightly colored, developmentally correct pool toys we would buy him. We would dip our perfectly pedicured feet in the cool water (while looking like models)

We arrived at the toy store and went to the baby pool section. We chose a green plastic pool that looked like a turtle. It was perfect. We picked out some pool toys, discussing at length how fun and educational they would be, and how my best friend could pass them down to me when I had a baby (this is an old story). I teared up, envisioning my best friend playing with ​my​ baby.

While we were still beaming at each other (and not really listening), the teenage cashier asked us if we needed any help. He said he could tie the perfect turtle pool on top of our vehicle for us. This sounded like a great idea. So he brought some rope and followed us out to the parking lot. He asked if we had a long drive. We explained it was only about 20 minutes (the speed limit made it faster). He suggested putting the pool on the top of the minivan so that it would look like a green turtle shell. It would fit better that way. He tied the perfect turtle pool to the top. We thanked him and were on our way.

You can probably see where this is going.

Five minutes after we started out, I heard something from the top of the car.

“I hope one of the ropes didn’t just break”, I said.
“Don’t worry so much. They looked secure,” she replied.

Just then we saw the turtle fly off of the van and careen into the lane of oncoming traffic. Our turtle was in danger of becoming roadkill!

My best friend jammed on the brakes and turned on her hazard lights. We were fine, but cars were dodging the turtle. Drivers were honking at us. Some were laughing and pointing. One guy yelled. We couldn’t just leave the turtle there. And we still wanted our perfect afternoon.

About the time we started to cuss out the irresponsible teenager who had put the turtle on the roof of the minivan in the first place, a man stopped his car with the turtle in front of it. He put his hazard lights on, and got out of the car. He helped us retrieve the turtle, and suggested that we try to put it in the back of the minivan. It fit. Perfectly.

That afternoon, my best friend’s son played in the pool, and he loved it. He didn’t even notice the scratch on the side. We dipped our tired feet into the cool water, sipped lemonade, and debated how two intelligent women who had both taken Physics in high school could trust a teenage cashier to tie a baby pool to the roof of a minivan in the perfect position to be blown off.

Then we splashed each other and her son laughed at us. It was a perfect afternoon.

Liz Possible ​is a Writer and Single Mom Extraordinaire. She lives in Minnesota with her two teenage daughters and their cats, Beau and Phoebe. “Possible” is her attitude, not her legal name — but then you knew that. Follow Liz at her blog at ​www.lizpossible.com​ and her FaceBook page at ​https://www.facebook.com/MySingleMomLife/