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The Heat

The Heat…

Last night my son and his girlfriend came over for dinner, as they do every Wednesday. We had steak (cooked in a well-seasoned cast iron pan) and potatoes & asparagus, (baked in the oven), and Pastina (simmered on the stove). Talk about YUM. It really was a delicious dinner.

Where am I going with this? Well he seasoned the steaks with a few different spices he brought over. One was Coriander. I asked him….what on earth do you use that for? I had never used it never mind it has never lived in my spice cabinet. I smelled it….mmmmm…. and tasted it….oh so good. It’s nuttiness was what I liked most. So along with some salt and pepper…he sprinkled the coriander.

“Not too much”, he said, “it’ll take over the steak, and it won’t taste very good at all”.

I thought, cooking our dinner is just like life. A little of this and a dash of that and some of this mixed in….and WALLAH, the end result is wonderful.

Remember though….in between, there will be some heat. To have this dinner turn out edible, it had to be cooked. Your life experience could be just like a low simmer for quite awhile which you notice but maybe don’t pay attention to because it’s bearable. It could be a jolt of high heat that sears the edges and wakes you up in your deepest sleep and continues to keep you up at night. It could also be an extensively grueling bake…. for longer than you anticipated and nothing like you imagined or thought you could handle for that matter.

Ah but without the heat. Without the tragedies, the trials, the sorrows. Without the mishaps and misfortunes and upsets. Without those hard times…. you would not come out on the other side stronger, sweeter, and more wonderful than you ever dreamed.

At my age, I welcome the fire and long to see who I am when it’s burnt out.


your God Girl,


Calling out the good by FAITH

“FAITH is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

Faith is also believing in things not yet seen…this is true even in the most horrid of circumstances, in the midst of those types of circumstances your FAITH will enable you to hold to the fact that there IS GOOD in there somewhere and that the sooner you start calling it out in FAITH, the faster it will APPEAR.
This is a very advanced skill, the being able to call to good in the darkest situation…most people panic, cry, react and run at the first sign of a dark situation…they become immobile in their fear and panic and thereby put themselves at the mercy of the chaos. This is the biggest error that you can ever make, the buying into what something looks like at first glance or first report…this goes for every area of life…work, medical issues, prosperity, and relationship…all of it. Life is designed to TRAIN US to become more skilled and to elevate our soul growth, running around in fear and panic, reacting to things is a very low form of living. Living that way means that we are at the mercy of whatever crazy circumstance life or the dark wants to throw at us and we have very little stability of Spirit that way because we are only as stable as what things look like in any given moment. So we are like ping pong balls bouncing off the circumstances…
FAITH is trusting that GOOD is in everything, trusting that so much that you get to the point where NOTHING can MOVE you off your foundation…you don’t go to the high-high when things look amazing and you don’t sink to the low-low when things look like shit…
Calling out the good by FAITH is a skill that will get stronger the more you practice it and you need to practice it…trust that GOD never sets anything up to harm you, therefore no matter what it looks like there is a blessing that can come from it…so start calling to the blessing, trusting that it will reveal itself…and it WILL. Remember that whatever you call a thing it becomes…call it devastating and it will be…call it a BLESSING and it will become that…