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Simplify Your Life Bit By Bit

I think that we are always and forever looking for ways to simplify our lives. Make things easier so days and nights aren’t quite so hectic and life in general can just slow down a bit.

The reality of it though, is it’s just not reality.  Although,I do love this article on ways to simplify your life, even just picking a few of those things can help tone down the stress of the every day. I do quite a few of these and many we have discussed in blog posts prior…budget, meal planning, groceries… I think by picking just one or two and tackling those immediately you will begin to see the relief that it can bring. Then tackle another one or two and so on.  Do it on your time, but do it! There are so many things we can control to help simplify our lives.

What ways do you simplify your life?


Love to All-


Perfectly, IMPERFECT…

Perfectly, Imperfect….We all have days that don’t go as planned, days that we had all planned out in our minds with a million things to do and then BAM—everything goes to shit in seconds.  It is on those days that we are truly tested, do we fall to pieces and let the day be ruined or do we RISE to the occasion and starting improvising??

Yesterday and today have been like that for me, I had TO DO LISTS, I had a PLAN and then I woke up with this seeming cold and my son’s car was making a noise that required investigation, phone calls and then a trip to the dealership to be fixed.  This cold nonsense turned my TO DO List to shit yesterday and today I have just been trying to play catch-up plus deal with normal Monday morning stuff.  This morning I made a decision that I was just going to go with the flow and do the best I could to get accomplished what was imperative.  Got the kids car fixed, got to the bank, got to the post office, had calls with clients etc—NONE of it occurred in the order that I wanted it to, NONE of the house stuff that needed to be done got done…it kind of looks like a HERD of elephants ran all through the house throwing things…oh well…

Some days are like this, they are perfectly imperfect and you can either resist that process and live the day completely pissed off and stressed out OR you can simply accept that it is OK to deviate from the plan, it’s OK to falter and fail at your mission…the world will not end if all the laundry doesn’t get done, or your desk doesn’t get cleaned or the boxes from amazon are still unpacked in the front hall…it’s OK not to be perfect.  It’s ok to feel screwed up, to feel a mess, to feel like nothing is getting done.  ALL of these feelings are part of the process of living a REAL life, we have to accept the perfect days as well as the perfectly –imperfect ones.  Our true light shines through the cracked places—it is OK and you are making it work, so stop judging yourself and embrace the day however it is.