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Daily Dose Of Happiness

Daily happiness tends to be about who you choose to surround yourself with in life and what you choose to look at on social media.These influence us and how we see the world.Echoing my fellow Blogger Ali’s post “Birds of A Feather ‘ we need to really empower ourselves in choosing who has this influence over us by carefully assessing them.

Until recently I really hadn’t noticed how what I read on social media actually follows me for the day.I had a personal issue with a friend over a car repair ,it shouldn’t have happened and I was feeling wronged .It was during this time that I started the notice the manipulation this person was attempting to use on social media and the ability of some humans to present themselves so falsely.In my mind I was left alone as soon as  I was no longer willing to be walked all over. The frustration was so great and was mounting daily and then I read Ali’s blog.

Using this as inspiration I did a little test, getting a daily dose of happiness.Ignoring everything else I chose to watch a happy compilation of things on social media.These were Jason Momoa (Aquaman) throwing axes on Ellen –both good for my heart rate and laughter , a sloth being assisted across the road by a tourist and waving thanks,ducks being used as bug control in crops in China instead of poison and the comedian Wanda Sykes referring to her middle aged belly fondly as “Esther”.All these things, while widely random and unique to my quirky Aussie humor worked together.Instant mood change! .Im not focusing on betrayal and the dark side of false friends and other perceived negativity but rather the funny and inspirational side of good people.So now I’m actively seeking the good people.The funny,the brave ,the out of the ordinary.Anyone can make you feel bad in life, seek those that make you feel good.

In the end I realized it was all for the good, I have moved on and am watching daily doses of happiness.We do need to be there for people in bad times but if you feel that its not reciprocated its not for you .It is now a relief to have lost those negative people and I look back at how I was being used.

Now I aim to laugh or be inspired when I log on and have those influences follow me for my day.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A picture or pictures…

I am going to start by saying originally I was going to write something a little light this week. Maybe riff about some of the disastrous dates I’ve had. Talk about a funny discussion I recently had with some fellow Moms about what a growing a person does that no one tells you… and I will.

Except I need to get this out. Good, bad or otherwise thanks to modern technology we have found ourselves able to share and take pictures. Of everything. Ourselves included.

I would like to tell you I don’t know what a selfie is. Except if you read my BIO, it is glaringly obvious my picture is a selfie. My Instagram – selfies. My Facebook… yup.

I think you get it.

When I first joined social media my profile picture was so old my friends would tease me about it. Those same friends now refer to me as the Queen of Selfies.

I’m gonna own it, I can be excessive. It didn’t start out that way.


It started out with one or two pictures. Pictures I took for my boyfriend who at the time lived three hours away, who raved about how beautiful I was. That felt good. So I posted it. People liked it. That felt good. So recently after posting a picture of myself when a friend commented that I post a lot of selfies and more in a private message,I was crushed.

I recognize self love is important and I’m getting there. Promise.

But I’m about to be candid…

If you’ve read my blogs you know some of this. If you haven’t well..

Here’s my why. At least some of it.

When I was five everyday after school two older girls would follow me and call me witch face.

When I was 11 I was beat up by a boy because another girl was mad I was friends with a boy she liked.

At 17 I went to prom with a bunch of girls because I was so incredibly shy if a boy talked to me – red as a lobster.

I have eczema.

Struggled with my weight.

Had horrible teeth, coke bottle glasses. Don’t get me started on the infamous haircuts.

I also have scars from surgeries while not necessarily visible to all, I know…

At 47 I struggle with my self image as much as I want to love what I see looking back at me, I have my moments. My vision is skewed. Selfies are MY reminder look at where you’ve come from lady.

Just LOOK!

A bad marriage.

An abusive relationship.

Being unhealthy, unhappy, a bad haircut.

This is YOU!

Remember when you wanted a tattoo – guess what?


Wanted to go blonde?

Ta da!

Wear leggings as pants?

You go girl.

Your teeth!

You can actually smile!

With your teeth!

In a society that is so quick to say love yourself we sure have no problem passing judgment.

Even down to things like makeup. Do you know how many times a mutual friend will post “shout out to all the ladies who don’t need makeup to feel beautiful”.

I don’t either. I just REALLY like it.

Getting ready in the morning is my ritual. I paint, legitimately. Watercolors are my favorite. Makeup is just one more outlet for me. Just like my clothes and tattoos…

There is a meme that says: Shout out to all the ladies trying to love themselves in a world constantly telling them not to.

It’s true. What’s disappointing is it’s not just the world. It’s your friends, sometimes even your family. I’m a Sagittarius. We are a honest people who go with the flow. Constant optimists even when we’re hurting.

That said I hope that at some point the snark stops. I don’t have to buy books on how to help my tween maneuver middle school mean girls.

That when you say love the skin you’re in. You mean it.

Until then. Momma take that selfie. Wear those leggings. Put on that lipgloss or don’t. Eat those Nutter Butters for breakfast.

Either way, I really do celebrate you.

Love yourself. You worked your ass off to get here.

Give yourself a break.

Much love Mommas,

Single Mom of the amazing Dbl G
Sometime DJ
T-shirt collector
Henry Rollins Middle Aged Punk Prom Date

A Love Affair

A good Brand needs to ignite a love affair between itself and its customers.  That relationship becomes something that people can’t live without, something that they will go out of their way to be involved with.   A  great Brand will naturally bring return business because its biggest concern is its relationship with its customers…most people and businesses these days aren’t concerned much with relationship, they are more concerned with telling you what they want you to know about them.

There are so many things grabbing for your attention in this new media world…the only things that are really going to capture attention are things that are so different from the ‘norm’ that you can’t help but notice them.  The handwritten thank you note is one of those things…hardly anyone takes the time to send them anymore, yet it is such a strong statement that you do things differently.   Brands that are committed to doing things differently and taking care of people are the brands that will win as the economy revives itself…

Juuling-A New Trend

Juuling is something I had never heard of till recently. I follow a lot of pages on social media to keep up on the trends and “sneaky” ways children are getting around things these days(I sound old). I creep my kids and their friends…and anything/anyone that seems out of place or I don’t understand, you can bet your ass that I am searching to find what it is/means.  Yes, I would fall under the “helicopter mom”.

The other day an article scrolled across my feed “Juuling: The Most Widespead Phenomenom You’ve Never Heard Of.” The story is a few months old but after google searching it some more, it’s real and it’s a problem!

I worry about my children, I worry about the one who resides in her own home, goes to college, works and pays her bills, I worry about the impressionable 16 year old who has already had a brush with the law and I worry about my 7 year old and cannot fathom what will be “trendy & cool” as she grows. I worry about other children and their exposure to these things..I cannot begin to imagine the pressure of a child in these years. The “Tide Pod” challenge is beyond my comprehension. I see programs where teenagers are going to be spending life in prison for throwing rocks off an overpass and killing someone-and this isn’t the first time they had done this…rocks, chairs, grocery carts…-they KILLED someone, took away this man from his family, his future!  Sex trafficking, drugs, drinking and driving, teenage pregnancy and so much more.

So- if I am a helicopter mom, then so be it. Do my kids think I am nosy and meddling, yes they do. Do they think I am annoying, yes they do. And honestly, I don’t care. Some day-they will understand.


Love to All-Kim



Time For Yourself-Here We Go AGAIN!

Taking time for yourself…we’ve talked and talked and talked…..about this so many times before. I just don’t know that I can stress how important that is. And feel like it’s something that should be discussed repeatedly until each and everyone is doing so!

I use to read, and read ALOT! I don’t use a tablet(although I tried) and nothing beats the smell and feel of a book. I would go to the library 2-3 times a week and check out 5-6 books at a time.Even with having 3 children! I am a fast reader, and most of what I read I skim read. It takes no time for me to get through an entire book. I have a little rule when I check out books: 1 book for knowledge, and the rest for entertainment purposes.  My book reading was always my “movies”. And when it comes to my knowledge book they can range anywhere from a self help, history,… to a personal memoir.

My point in all this is that I noticed when I started taking my personal inventory a bit back that I had begun to use Netflix and social media as a form of enjoyment and quit reading all together…I am not sure why…I was never much on TV programs and watched movies with my family. Now I was binge watching shows, and constantly checking out what there was for new movies. Instead of reading before bed to wind down I was scrolling my social media accounts. Now-social media is what I do, it’s what help pays my bills, it’s my “bread & butter” so as you can imagine I view social media alllllll day as it is! Social Media is a great tool and a great way to meet up with old friends and new. I work alone in my office most days for 9+ hours a day, and have little to no contact to the “outside world”. I feel like my personal accounts keep me in touch with what is going on in the world, my family and friends afar, etc….I won’t be giving that up but I will be reading more. It’s what I enjoy, it’s always been what I like to do and I am not sure why I stopped reading…at this point it doesn’t matter why I stopped. I enjoy it and it’s for me! Taking care of me! Because, how can I be good for anyone else if I am not good for myself? Don’t give up the things you enjoy because there isn’t enough time in the day…make time…5, 10, 30 minutes. Whatever amount of time have you need to do it for YOU! YOU deserve it.

Do we have any book lovers out there?  I would love to hear any suggestions on titles that you would have 🙂


Love to All-