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Possibility Exists

A statement on my office wall reminds me—always– that you can accept the reality of a situation, however you are NEVER to accept its permanence…Possibility is NEVER absent. How many people even really understand what this means?

It means that– yes, SHIT happens…however when it is happening it is not set in stone, when something doesn’t go your way or turn out the way you want, it doesn’t mean that your life sucks! It SIMPLY means that the particular relationship or situation did not turn out the way you wanted. Possibility is NEVER absent; it is only hidden from our view when our negative thoughts and words obstruct it. We are the only people that can keep our own good from us…not your boss, your spouse, your kids or the government…only YOU. You keep your good from coming to you by engaging in thoughts that are not useful…thoughts like :

“I will never have another girlfriend like THAT”

“ I will never have money again”

“My career is awful”

“The economy is bad, it’s no use”

“I’m this old and this is what my life is like??? REALLY??”

“My car is old, my living quarters are awful”

“Everyone around me is annoying”

And ON and ON and ON it goes…if you let it. Once that dark ball gets rolling in your mind, it’s hard to stop. It takes a GREAT amount of effort to stay positive in the face of anything, a GREAT amount of effort to stay in faith that things will be better, a GREAT amount of effort to trust that good is coming. Nothing good comes easily, nothing lasting is formed without great effort. Life is not supposed to be easy, that Staples button is a crock of shit…the fantasy of that button manifested itself from a society that is becoming lazier by the day…HARD WORK is how you gain anything that matters and you know why you get to keep it after you worked your butt off for it? Because you EARNED it…you did whatever you needed to do to get it and you elevated yourself in the process and so now you earned something and you became a different person because of that.

Whining and wishing for the EASY button will bring you a whole lot of NOTHING and if you do manage to grab something from the EASY track, you won’t be able to keep it because spiritually you didn’t earn it, nor did you change in order to receive it. Why do you think that so many people that win the lottery end up losing it and having their lives ruined? Because they didn’t EARN it.

Your life is the way it is because that is how your life is supposed to be at this moment, you are where you are because you need to learn something, because you have to grow and test new skills…if everything was EASY you wouldn’t learn a damn thing.

There is GOOD in every situation even when you can’t SEE it! It is there…it will show itself faster if you can remain open to the fact that possibility is never absent, possibility is like GOD…ever present…

I am not saying that you should avoid whatever ‘reality’ you are currently in, I am saying be mindful that it is simply a PASSING circumstance…DO NOT accept the permanence of any situation…EVER

Everything can be altered…everything…

Fear Is A Liar

Fear is a liar.

I’m late getting this blog to Kim, I should have written it on Monday…but all week I have racked my brain trying to think of what would be the best thing to say to all of you in the middle of craziness and panic the likes of which I have not seen since 9-11-2001.

I wake up every morning right now thinking okay what is the damage report out there and how can I help?  UGH.  It is hard to know what to do to help people stop feeding fear and panic when everywhere I look someone is working overtime to stir it up.

This morning I settled upon entitling this conversation “fear is a liar”—because I feel like tackling that and breaking it down for you might be the best way that I can help right now.

In all of the conversations that I have been having with you guys since 2014, I am ALWAYS talking about not letting your mind take you ‘down the rabbit hole’ into fear-based, panic-stricken thinking and this situation in the world right now is no different.  DO NOT go down into the rabbit hole of “what-ifs” deal and respond to facts and situations that are in front of you—don’t dwell on what will be happening 6 weeks from now.  Deal with what’s in front of your face and RESPOND to it like a level-headed adult, don’t react.

Fact check information that is being given to you, compare stories you are hearing…and above all follow your intuition, listen to your gut.  Parents have intuition that is fine-tuned, we have to.  TRUST IT.  If you feel like you should cancel something– do it, if you feel like you want to avoid a place—honor that.  I read countless stories after 9-11 of people that had a feeling to not get on a particular plane or not go into work that day etc.  I firmly believe that we all have an internal warning system, the problem is most people are not paying attention to it or they are afraid to follow it.  Screw that—hear me when I say this to you it is important right now—- TRUST YOUR GUT.  Period.

It doesn’t matter what opinions people have of you right now, it matters that you do what you feel is right to protect you and your family.  Trust your instincts, I cannot say this enough.

Remember that what you focus on you will create, so limit your exposure to the news and all the social media shit etc— stay informed but don’t overload yourself with doom and gloom—remember that there is good in everything somewhere even when we cannot see.  To my fellow Prayer Warriors out there—keep praying for this situation—the world needs us.

Focus on what IS good, focus on what IS working, focus on helping other people and bringing some LIGHT into this situation wherever you can.

Stay aware, pay attention and stay safe.  I will be live on Sunday for Coffee Chat at 10am est—until then know that I am praying for all of you and praying for all people— I am a stand for good and LIGHT in all of this.

Sending my love, N.

What To Do With Tragedy?

Tragedy just happens.  There’s no warning.  No signs.  No agreement.  No User Manual.  And it leaves you with No understanding, No explanation and No guidelines.  You may not see a way out, a way around or a way through.  You cannot imagine how you are going to heal or how on earth you are going to get your happy back.

Tragedy has a way of pulling life out from under you.  Changing your future.  Altering your vision.  Erasing your dreams.

Does anyone know what you’re going through?  Does anyone know what to say?  Can anyone get your pain, see what you see, feel what you feel?  Does anyone have a pill called “hope” they can give you?  And of all things Why oh Why is this happening!?

Believe in the unseen, believe in the unknown, believe in God’s Plan.  Be good to yourself, go through what you’re going through, water your heart, feed your soul.  Where’s your foundation and where are you looking?   Step out, Pray loud, Walk softly. Tragedy turns into triumph.   Without Fail.  Every Time.  With God.


Your God Girl,

Tracy xoxo

Damage and The Inspiration We Can Find Within


Generally speaking, I try to focus on finding the good in bad situations…looking inside yourself for strength and finding your own way towards a better tomorrow.  Some days, though, I find myself struggling a little with that perspective in parts of my life.  Can you relate?

At some point, I realized that there are some things in my past that I will likely never fully recover from.

There are things that I have experienced that can’t be erased from my mind…can’t be erased from my heart…can’t be erased from my soul.  They may not affect me every day of my life, but there are certain key times that they rear their ugly little heads and cause me to re-live certain nightmares all over again.

There are certain sounds that trigger these memories…sounds that are common to television, movies and even some events with friends.  There are also certain stories and scenes from the same sources that cause the memories to flash through my mind.  I can’t very well run away and hide from life, but there are, without question, times that I would love to do just that.  I have come to realize that the proper support system in this arena is so very important to us all.

And the beauty in that is this:

I have always tried to reach out to the so-called unlovable.

I have always tried to have compassion for the bully.

I have always tried to hold understanding for those whose stories I do not know.

I have always tried to live my life with a healthy dose of grace.

In these things that have always been a part of my day, I find motivation to be better…a better version of myself…a better friend to others…a better model for my child.

In these things that I have always tried to live, I find a better understanding of my calling to live them.

So many people in this world get to know each other on the surface.  They come to friendship based on surface facts.  And when some life event unfolds in a way that catches them off guard, they run away before ever attempting to understand it.  So many people in this world define their love for each other in spite of things rather than because of things.
What if…what if we could all learn to love each other because of things instead of in spite of things?
What if…what if our pasts could be used to better know and love and look out for each other instead of as weapons and excuses against each other?
And that…that brings me back to the beauty in this all.
There are moments of pain in my life that I cannot avoid.  There are moments of the same that I cannot erase.  But these moments…are moments of opportunity and moments of potential for greatness.  These are moments sitting right in the palm of my hand, for which I fully control the direction. These are moments that I choose to learn from, that I choose to love from, that I choose to be better from.

We all have our moments.  What will you do with yours?


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When Is It Appropriate To Stand Down In Life

There are times in life when it is appropriate to ‘Stand Down’.  The Military defines ‘Stand Down’ as the movement of soldiers in combat to a safe place for rest and recovery.  It is also a method used by the Military to correct an issue that has been identified as a problem throughout its ranks. 

American Heritage Dictionary defines ‘Stand Down’ as: to withdraw, to end a state of readiness.

Have you ever fought for something so hard only to have it keep whacking you in the face over and over again with its stubborn refusal to yield to your intention?

There comes a time in a wise person’s life when the pain and suffering that they have endured to stand by something has exhausted them to the point of heartbreak…a time when they are disillusioned, disappointed, disheartened and discouraged beyond belief…perhaps a time when this something has caused them to feel that people are inherently flawed…

This would signify the time to ‘Stand Down’.  ‘Stand Down’ does not mean to give up, instead it means to detach and quell the emotional reactivity of a situation.

Sometimes things have to become worse before they can improve and actually the seeming appearance of ‘worse’ is really good at work… in disguise.

When you are sure that you have done all you can in regards to a particular situation it may be the time to ‘Stand Down’—you will know in your heart of hearts when you have prayed enough, been angry enough, been disappointed enough, been lied to enough, been played enough, been betrayed enough, cried enough, talked enough, yelled enough and worked hard enough.

One day, suddenly perhaps, you will wake up and feel that it is time to ‘Stand Down’, time to move away from the attachment of that situation…time to let the other characters see the cost of their behavior…time for you to re-group and remember that there is occasionally more power in ‘Standing Down’ than there is in continuing to ‘Stand Up and Fight’.

Some of the best warriors and most brilliant minds have seen the wisdom in a ‘Stand Down’.  Even those of us that are strong-willed, control freaks can see the value of an occasional ‘Stand Down’.  There are times when it is better to withdraw than to compete with things that are beneath you or which threaten to drag you down into the muck and mire.

‘Stand Down’ does not mean that you are weak or that you lack the courage to keep fighting, it means that you are able to see the point in a situation when it is time for you to pull in and observe.  When it is time to stop pushing so hard and just let nature take its course.  When you have done all your work in a particular situation you can trust that the overall outcome will be for the good, even if the present circumstances resemble a giant garbage dump.

Refreshed, rested, armed with perspective gained from standing down and stepping back, you can re-enter the battle with new commitment and energy.

Life has a way of teaching people what they need to know…and you can count on people’s actions returning to them in kind…

If someone loves, they will be loved.  If someone harms, they will be harmed.  There is no avoiding the cause and effect laws of the universe, no matter who you think you are.

So take heed and if you are faced with a situation that requires it, ‘Stand Down’ with style and Grace…then get back into action when the timing is right.


Take the HIGH Road

Take the HIGH Road

Taking the high road is easier said than done, taking the high road means that we have to give up our grievances about other people or situations and just do what works.  Our ego would rather us do otherwise, our ego would prefer that we fight and blame and create chaos instead of creating a solution…good thing we all understand that the ego is enemy of our higher self and listening to it will not take us where we wish to go.  Ever.

Being the better person and coming up higher in a situation may be difficult in the moment, when the moment is over you will have created a pathway for God’s higher GOOD to occur in that person or situation and that will serve to bless YOUR life as well.  This isn’t about who is ‘right’ and who or what is ‘wrong’…it is about being part of the overall solution and creating order instead of more chaos.   Come up higher today, the view from the high road is much better:)