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I Have The Best Office Assistant

I have the best office assistant and if you own an iPhone, iMac or iPad, then you do too. Its Apples built in app called Reminders.

For most people it shows up like a glorified to do list where you keep standard and custom lists, like a shopping list or things to get done at home or workand although it’’s true it will do that but if that is all you are using it for, you are selling yourself short.

I am dangerous because I dont check my calendar, which is why I need an ‘office assistant, as often as I should and have been known to miss an appointment or two (or many) in the past. That is until I started using Reminders the way Apple intended.

When I create a new meeting now, I choose the option to remind me 15 minutes before the time so I can finish what I am doing or gather what I need. Pretty basic right? Well how about having Siri do all of this for you? I simply say Hey Siri, create a meeting with Jim at 2pm on Thursday at Starbucks in WillistonSiri will do all of that without me having to fill in all the details. But wait.I have a call every Tuesday at 12 pm, no problem say hey Siri, call Mary every Tuesday at 12pmand as long as Mary is in your contacts, Siri will include her number in addition to setting the appointment.

What if you are on your way home and want to remember to take the chicken out of the freezer as soon as you get home? Just tell Siri that and when you drive up youre drive, you will get that reminder as long as you have your address in your contact file. Same thing if you want a reminder when you get to work. Just make sure your work address is in your contact file.

I have praised Siri before, because of all she can dothis is just another example of her magical powers, the best office assistant.