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Press Reset

My recent move across the country has not only given me a beautiful home with a peaceful back yard but a reset of my priorities and sense of ease,self-assurance and finding space to overwhelm my soul with the things that bring me joy.  It took great courage to pack up everything I own, say “goodbye til I see you again” to everyone I know and trust that there is something more for me with my life near my son.  It took being brave in the face of ridicule and doubt, it took perseverance to endure in the middle of being tired and doing it alone, It took great strength to endure when I was afraid and wanted to change my mind.  But here I am, on the other side.

In the middle of the “hard”, there lived a peaceful-joyful feeling deep, deep inside.  And every problem that was in front of me was solved, every messy situation was cleared, every door was opened and with every step I took it got easier and simpler and happier.  It kept working out.  I now know I was supposed to be here.  It all turned out well.  It is well.

When I set my eyes on God’s will and not my own…. I remember this truth “You are my daughter whom I love; with whom I am well pleased.”  Pleased not because of what I do, but because of who I am.  I am relaxed in myself.  There is no fast-paced life to run in, there is no keeping up with the neighbors, there is no comparison or competition or need to be better.  I am already better.  I am already beautiful and amazing and wonderful.  I don’t have to prove anything.  I get to Just Be. Living a simpler life in a slower community helps, bet the reset of ME is where it had to start ….choosing to reset.


Your God Girl,

Tracy XOXO

Simplify Your Life Bit By Bit

I think that we are always and forever looking for ways to simplify our lives. Make things easier so days and nights aren’t quite so hectic and life in general can just slow down a bit.

The reality of it though, is it’s just not reality.  Although,I do love this article on ways to simplify your life, even just picking a few of those things can help tone down the stress of the every day. I do quite a few of these and many we have discussed in blog posts prior…budget, meal planning, groceries… I think by picking just one or two and tackling those immediately you will begin to see the relief that it can bring. Then tackle another one or two and so on.  Do it on your time, but do it! There are so many things we can control to help simplify our lives.

What ways do you simplify your life?


Love to All-


Kill Them With Kindness

About a month ago Noelle asked me to help with content on the blog-and if you remember I stated that I was terrified! I am not a strong writer, and rather think my life is dull most days. In order to inspire me on topics and subjects I started the 30 day writing challenge and asked you to join me.

Today- we are asked to write about something we feel strongly about. I am highly opinionated so for once my writing assignment is a struggle to narrow down 🙂 Generally, I have difficulties deciding on where or what-not this time!

With all that being said one thing is for certain that I do not waiver on and that is kindness. It’s free, it’s simple, and it means more than most can possibly imagine. We have taught our children to be kind to EVERYONE. Even more so to the ones who are not kind to you. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to chase them down and put up with their selfish and cruel behavior. But it does mean “kill them with kindness”, when meeting them in the hallway, street, playground. A simple “Hello” goes a long ways. I have lost many opportunities to be kind to someone only to find later that on that particular day they needed the kindness more than they quite possibly needed air. I do not believe people are purposely cruel and mean. I believe something has led them to become that. And if kindness can help just a bit-I can do that!


Love to All-Kim

Welcome to the Redesign

Good Morning and welcome to the redesign…I decided that the focus of the site needed to be the blog and that it should be really simple and clean…so here we are.  Simple and clean is a good thing to get back to, often times I think we go out too far, go overboard with ‘stuff’, try to fit too much in and that gets exhausting.  Sometimes the best thing that we can do, is step-back, regroup and get back to basics.  When we get rid of all the stuff we don’t need, we can see what is really there, what really matters and then we can work with that.  What really matters to me is talking to you guys about how to reveal your own excellence and to teach you that ‘impossible’ IS just an opinion and it doesn’t have to be your opinion.

Today take a look at what’s around you and see where you can simplify, throw stuff out, re-arrange, take a breath and get back to the basics of what works and what you are passionate about…simple and clean is the motto for today…xoxo

ABB- Always Bringing Benefit

Always Bringing Benefit.

So there’s ADD, ADHD, OCD and a plethora of other acronyms that have negative connotations…I thought it was time that we invented a new one that didn’t make you feel depressed when you used it.  Introducing ABB…Always Bringing Benefit.

We could all be people that have ABB; it’s possible for us to act in ways that are always bringing to others.  Granted we may have to tailor our current conversations and behavior, however it is indeed possible.

Perhaps instead of all of us worrying about what affliction everyone may have, we might concern ourselves with how we can make things better for other people.

It doesn’t take much effort to bring benefit to another person…can be as simple as opening a door, giving a compliment, drying a tear, giving a hug…you get the picture.

Go ahead give it a try…maybe we should get T-shirts made:)

ABB—Always Bringing Benefit