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STOP! Settling

STOP Settling …

What are you putting up with what really isn’t OK with you?

Where are you letting things pass by without saying that you find them unacceptable?  In your job? Your relationship? With friends? With your kids?  With your health?  WHERE? And the cost…have you considered that?

We are all settling for less than excellence somewhere, with something—-for me it’s that damn daily list and the workout schedule—for some people it is their relationship or their job—every single person has some place that needs work.  We settle because we tell ourselves that it is easier, we convince ourselves that it is too hard to make a change, that it will be too uncomfortable or too disruptive—-that’s bullshit— it is just what we tell ourselves to justify the fact that we are not willing to do what it takes to have it exactly the way we want it.

There are two solutions for this…

  1. Stop accepting what is unacceptable, bite the bullet, speak your truth, make the changes and deal with the consequences whatever they are. Whatever you have to face for speaking your truth has to be better then you waking up 10 years from now and saying “what the hell happened to my life?”

When you stay in things that are unacceptable to you, they steal your joy and aliveness every day and pretty soon you don’t even recognize yourself anymore because you are so busy boxing yourself in to put up with shit that you can barely stomach—-yet people do it—-and they continue to do it….in the name of the ‘kids’ or ‘bills to pay’ or ‘fear of being alone’—-bullshit excuses for giving away your aliveness….

Tell the TRUTH to yourself, whatever that is—-stop fooling yourself into thinking that you are operating in subpar conditions for the greater good—-at 51 years old, I say F**K that!!! You are a warrior—-act like it.  Period.


  1. The second solution is to stop making the current conditions shit—-stop complaining about them and being critical of them and start blessing them from right where you sit. You alone have the ability to change your reality—you can either do that by removing yourself from a situation or by being determined to bring blessing to the situation that you are in. You can never go wrong by blessing people and circumstances.   You can also never go wrong by forcing yourself to come from a place of gratitude— if you change the way that you are looking at something or the way that you are holding it in mind, you will CHANGE the situation.  It all starts with YOU.

YOU are the KEY to changing the game for yourself—-so it is time to either start shifting things and get out of stuff that isn’t working OR start blessing those things and seeing the good in them.  Either of these two solutions will bring you someplace NEW and that is where I want you to be in 2020 some place new in your mind—-a place where you see that you can create the life that you want.  We will talk about this more on Sunday Morning’s Coffee Chat.  See you then.

XO, N.