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Keeping Track Of My Memory

Keeping track of my memory…I was so happy when handheld computers first came to market. I used to keep my calendar and all of my handwritten notes in the day timer brand notebook that lived in my jacket pocket. But back in the late 90s Apple invented the first of what was called a personal digital assistant or PDA. I was one of the first to buy the Newton. It was just little bit larger than my notebook, but it allowed me to enter all of my appointments, and notes digitally. I was forever writing notes on napkins or scrap pieces of paper that I could find, but the problem was I had to remember to sort them and enter them into my day timer. But with the Newton, once something was entered, I could search and find my notes Without a problem.

We certainly have come a long ways since then, and not surprisingly I am still writing notes all the time. Jim Rohn has written many things pertaining to personal success. One of them, which he says was his most important building block to his success, was keeping a journal. He used his journals for coordinating good ideas, solving problems, supporting his memory, and keeping track of his myriad of ideas. Here is a short article that describes in detail the reasons why we should all keep a journal. https://www.success.com/rohn-why-you-should-keep-a-journal/

Of course, there is an app for that. Evernote, which I referred to a few weeks ago is well adapted for journaling. You can enter text or pictures or drawings and store them by date. Simply create a folder to hold similar ideas or projects. Since Evernotes search function is first rate, youll always be able to find your notes. Another app called Day One (dayoneapp.com) is geared primarily for journaling and is a very robust app, free to use, and upgradable to premium functions if you like, for $35 a year. (I use the free option)

I have been using Day One for over a year, and although I dont use it as extensively as I could, I find it invaluable. It provides me a place to keep my thoughts and ideas, as well as quotes and inspiring articles. Its search function is also first-rate, so finding entries is simple.

Since I almost always have my phone with me, my journal is always just a few taps away.


Balance?!? No Such Thing..

A few years ago I was featured in an interview about work-life balance for Moms and what that meant. I said then and I will say it again now, there is NO SUCH THING for those of us that are really living this life of raising kiddos. So PLEASE do yourself a favor and stop feeling bad trying to achieve something that does not exist. All these “experts” out there have all this advice about how to make you a balanced human and since in my opinion this is impossible to achieve all this stuff does is make you feel bad that you are so off point.

After almost 19 years of raising a human single-handedly, owning and working for companies and being solely responsible for the running of a home I can assure you that life is meant to be ‘perfectly imperfect’. At no time during the last 19 years did I ever feel ‘balanced’ nor do I now:)

At the best of times it’s a flow that moves along pretty smoothly and at the worst of times it feels incredibly overwhelming and like you are drowning in too many things to do. There is nothing wrong with you if you are feeling this way, this is honestly natural and a by-product of the lives that we are living. Just keep doing the next task in front of you whether that is a work task or a home task or a kid-based task—-whatever it is just complete it and move on to the next one. Don’t beat yourself up because you had a work thing that made you miss a kid’s game or you left dirty dishes in the sink etc. You are truly doing the BEST that you can and you are doing GREAT…and never mind what anyone else thinks about it. Honesty, unless you have lived this life of single parenthood you have no idea…none. Also even if you are a parent with help juggling lots of things, there is no amazing balance to be achieved for you either. It makes me so angry when I read all these articles about how Mom’s can achieve work-life balance…such horseshit.

So in the midst of the juggling act that is our lives what IS really important is that you figure out how to say NO to things that don’t work for you and

establish a system for taking care of yourself. Taking care of myself is still kind of a foreign concept…evidenced by the 25 hour bug from hell that I just had likely because I have been running myself in a million directions since the end of June.

Let’s cover the saying NO part first—-you have got to learn to start saying NO to things that don’t serve you or support you. The needy friends that steal your energy, the family members that stress you out, the work stuff that people are trying to overload you with and you are so nice you just keep saying yes…all that stuff is wearing you down whether you realize it or not. Saying NO is ok and even healthy, remember that if you go down from exhaustion or illness everything goes down so protect your time and your energy. It is important, your well-being is very important!

The taking care of yourself part you sort of have to figure out as you go, maybe its yoga, or a walk on the beach, a good novel, a movie night with friends, sitting quiet somewhere, a spa day, a regular workout, a weekly binge watching session on Netflix. Whatever gives you peace and some moments to yourself—maybe it’s getting up an hour early to have an hour of power for yourself. Whatever it is you need to figure it out and commit to doing it. Your health, your peace and your peace of mind are vital in this mix…in order to keep moving and to keep doing the next thing you must be in good shape, so you have to commit to self-care. By the way I always made fun of that statement in my mind…self-care…until I realized that I had to actually be the one concerned for my OWN well-being because it was nobody else’s job. I have two speeds…go like a bat out of hell or crash and get sick for 2 days…pretty much that is all I know, at 51 I am learning a new way, learning that I can say NO, that I can go a little slower, that I can do what works for me….I am hoping that I can get you guys to avoid the errors that I made along the way.

Take the time to stop, breathe and appreciate the moments…they really do pass quicker than you think and inevitably you will look back and wish that you did something different. Let’s try and make sure that you don’t have too many regrets…appreciate how far you have come and take care of YOU.