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Principles & Priorities-Making Time

Principles & Priorities

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I don’t have time…”

I’ve said it, you’ve said it too. Let’s be honest – when something is not a priority we escape it by blaming “time” as the culprit. Time has nothing to do with it, as well as money (another blog).

We don’t have to “make time” for a priority, we take action!

What we consider a priority is the fundamental question?

Don’t “have time” to workout, really? Let’s look deeper…

Try this simple eye-opener exercise to learn what your true priorities are:


Take the following statement, in regards to anything, such as a workout,


“I don’t have time” and replace it with:

“It’s not important to me”


How does this statement change your point of view?

Does that change the way you respond to something, or someone?


Time is not something you or I have, at best it’s a measure of your priorities verses your distractions.

Is it important to you? Just be honest with yourself, your health, fitness, income, and peace absolutely depend on it…

-Carter Hayes–Unleash the Champion Coaching

Think About It To Get More Of It

Happy Thursday, I hope that you all had a good day thus far…I just finished a round of teaching boy to drive…NO WORDS!  Let us just say that it is REALLY hard for a control freak to not be in control in that situation…’nuf said!

I posted a video this afternoon for you, it can be found on the FB page.  In it I am talking about how what you think about, you get more of…as in what you keep focusing on is actually what you will bring to pass.  Many people seem to think that the circumstances they find themselves in are a mystery, yet if you backtrack into what they have been focused on for the last while you may start to see exactly how they ended up where they are.  You actually perpetuate unfavorable conditions by staying focused on how awful they are, when you complain about and continually discuss the things that are not working you give them more solidarity.  Your words, thoughts and attention have an immense amount of power and therefore what you focus them on gains strength in your life.

That said, when things are not working the way that you want them to you need to start focusing on the outcomes you want to see instead of on what seems to be before you.  This is no easy task, it requires you to be vigilant with your thoughts and police all the ones that are not going in the direction you want them to.  Not only do you need to catch those unfavorable thoughts, you have to REPLACE them with a positive thought or with a moment of gratitude.

I have been studying these principles since I was 12 years old and I can promise you with certainty that when they are practiced with discipline and consistency they work, hands down, every time.  Let me know in the comments or via email if you want me to elaborate on this more.  For now I will task you with beginning to pay attention to your thoughts and words and see if they are representative of the life that you want to have.

See you tomorrow. xoxo