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Are You Prepared?

Prepared today…

Do you read the newspaper?  Have you ever read the newspaper?  Do you even know what the newspaper is?  Lol….  It’s like the rotary phone.  Some people today would look at it and not have any clue how it works or what it’s for.  I guess that would be the same as me watching operators from forever ago, who would connect the callers from one house to the next just by plugging-in wires, in seconds flat.

I was asking a girlfriend the other day, who happens to read the newspaper every day…. I asked her if she would save them for me. She laughed and asked me if I was making fire starters.  I chuckled and teased saying “No, I want to make a sit-upon.”  She cracked up!!  I knew she’d get it.  Do you know what a sit-upon is?

Anyway, I explained to her that I need the newspapers because this fall I’ll be preparing a section of my yard for my Spring 2021 vegetable garden.  “I need to smother the ground,” I told her.  I’ll be laying the newspaper down over the whole area and then covering them with bark mulch, so next year when its time for me to start my garden, I am prepared and the soil is ready.

There’s nothing better than preparing now for what’s coming later.

Imagine you’re making spaghetti sauce one morning for dinner that night.  After 8 hours of simmering on the stove, it’s ready.  As you spoon it over the pasta, you wonder, why is it so thin?  It’s too thin.  You are NOT HAPPY!!!  You notice, the can of tomato paste sitting on the counter next to the Scali bread.  Unopened.  You forgot to put it in.  ….8 hours ago.  Well you can’t very well put it in now.

I don’t want to have a mixup like that while preparing my garden.  I want to make sure if it’s a 17-step process, that I am not leaving any steps out.  Especially step 1….. collect enough newspaper all summer long so you have enough to smother the weeds.


Prepare today for what you want tomorrow.


Your God girl


I Am Ready for Anything

I am ready for anything……It is Sunday and I started this a bit late. So rather than coffee I have an icy Diet Pepsi and The Foo Fighters keeping me company.

Dave Grohl is singing about signs. “ I got superstition. Rulin’ my decision.”

His refrain is a bit relevant to this week’s blog. I went back to work this past week and aside from being a bundle of nerves I also went back with a bundle of worries.

It would be easy to think I am worried about safety and while I was a bit, I was and I wasn’t..  I trust my employer and myself.

It was all the other things.

I have mentioned this in a previous blog a bit cheekily but now I am going to address it head on.

I worked for the same company for almost fourteen years. And while the last year was incredibly stressful and if I’m being honest not pleasant- I knew it.

Getting hired in the midst of COVID for almost six months I had been protected by a computer screen.

Any quirks and awkwardness I kinda could hide. If I was stressed I could step away from my computer.

I had a much more leisurely morning routine. To be honest my routine in general.





All things I need to think about.

I would miss my daughter, my dog.

I also would now have to deal with a phone, that piece of my job had been taken away for a bit.

Before I tell you how it went. Again I have to say how lucky I am. How fortunate I am. People I care about have been impacted by all of this. I am reminded daily what I have.


I survived.

In fact I am going to say, I thrived. I have found my place. While I can only see everyone’s eyes they are smiling.

Mine are smiling back.

For the first time in a long time I leave work happy, not because I am leaving lol, because I’m happy where I work.

One of my friends reminded me being a Mom prepares you to be ready for anything. To take things as they come.

So, as I head back into the Wild as I call it, that is exactly what I am doing. I am ready for anything. Or last I am pretending I am.


Be safe and much love Mommas

<3 Caprise


Cheers to the ‘Broken’ People…

Broken people and by ‘broken’ I mean that you have lived through things that didn’t work out the way you intended, relationships that broke apart, people that betrayed you, let you down, disappointed you. Or you have literally lived through being broke as hell and clawed your way up out of that. Or you were faced with something that you thought you couldn’t survive and YOU DID. By ‘broken’ I mean that things broke apart, that the perfect picture in your head was shattered into a million little bits and you had to recreate it, you had to get up and go to work anyway…you had to take care of your kid or kids anyway…you had to dry your tears, swallow your anger and get back out there and play ball.


Cheers to us, the ‘broken’ people…because we are stronger, fiercer, wiser, smarter and more well prepared for REAL living than the people that fall down and get into bed at the first sign of trouble, the ones who cry and whine about how life isn’t fair, the people that think life is a movie with no shitty scenes—those people will have a hard time in this life, they can’t cope…when the shit hits the fan for them or the wind blows their hair out of place or someone swears at them, they come undone, they crumble, they fall down and have no strength to get up and figure it out.


We are not like that…we can face down the devil himself if we have to, swords drawn ready to do battle…we are the warriors…we are the people you want standing watch over your soul, we are the ones that can turn any circumstance around because we know that life is what you make of it. If you hand us lemons we will make the best damn lemonade that you ever had and we will drink it with you, celebrating all the way.


So STOP wondering why your life isn’t perfect, stop thinking that there is something wrong with you because stuff is happening in your life and start standing strong in who you are. Start understanding that your ‘brokenness’ means that you are stronger than you ever imagined, that you can face down any obstacle, conquer any fear. Let the perfect people have their perfect lives, we know the truth…at the first sign of trouble they are done for and then they will be seeking out the warriors to figure out how to survive.

We are stronger in the broken places, every time we were bent to the ground our roots grew stronger and now nothing can knock us down…so CHEERS to us