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Are You Prepared?

Prepared today…

Do you read the newspaper?  Have you ever read the newspaper?  Do you even know what the newspaper is?  Lol….  It’s like the rotary phone.  Some people today would look at it and not have any clue how it works or what it’s for.  I guess that would be the same as me watching operators from forever ago, who would connect the callers from one house to the next just by plugging-in wires, in seconds flat.

I was asking a girlfriend the other day, who happens to read the newspaper every day…. I asked her if she would save them for me. She laughed and asked me if I was making fire starters.  I chuckled and teased saying “No, I want to make a sit-upon.”  She cracked up!!  I knew she’d get it.  Do you know what a sit-upon is?

Anyway, I explained to her that I need the newspapers because this fall I’ll be preparing a section of my yard for my Spring 2021 vegetable garden.  “I need to smother the ground,” I told her.  I’ll be laying the newspaper down over the whole area and then covering them with bark mulch, so next year when its time for me to start my garden, I am prepared and the soil is ready.

There’s nothing better than preparing now for what’s coming later.

Imagine you’re making spaghetti sauce one morning for dinner that night.  After 8 hours of simmering on the stove, it’s ready.  As you spoon it over the pasta, you wonder, why is it so thin?  It’s too thin.  You are NOT HAPPY!!!  You notice, the can of tomato paste sitting on the counter next to the Scali bread.  Unopened.  You forgot to put it in.  ….8 hours ago.  Well you can’t very well put it in now.

I don’t want to have a mixup like that while preparing my garden.  I want to make sure if it’s a 17-step process, that I am not leaving any steps out.  Especially step 1….. collect enough newspaper all summer long so you have enough to smother the weeds.


Prepare today for what you want tomorrow.


Your God girl


I Am Ready for Anything

I am ready for anything……It is Sunday and I started this a bit late. So rather than coffee I have an icy Diet Pepsi and The Foo Fighters keeping me company.

Dave Grohl is singing about signs. “ I got superstition. Rulin’ my decision.”

His refrain is a bit relevant to this week’s blog. I went back to work this past week and aside from being a bundle of nerves I also went back with a bundle of worries.

It would be easy to think I am worried about safety and while I was a bit, I was and I wasn’t..  I trust my employer and myself.

It was all the other things.

I have mentioned this in a previous blog a bit cheekily but now I am going to address it head on.

I worked for the same company for almost fourteen years. And while the last year was incredibly stressful and if I’m being honest not pleasant- I knew it.

Getting hired in the midst of COVID for almost six months I had been protected by a computer screen.

Any quirks and awkwardness I kinda could hide. If I was stressed I could step away from my computer.

I had a much more leisurely morning routine. To be honest my routine in general.





All things I need to think about.

I would miss my daughter, my dog.

I also would now have to deal with a phone, that piece of my job had been taken away for a bit.

Before I tell you how it went. Again I have to say how lucky I am. How fortunate I am. People I care about have been impacted by all of this. I am reminded daily what I have.


I survived.

In fact I am going to say, I thrived. I have found my place. While I can only see everyone’s eyes they are smiling.

Mine are smiling back.

For the first time in a long time I leave work happy, not because I am leaving lol, because I’m happy where I work.

One of my friends reminded me being a Mom prepares you to be ready for anything. To take things as they come.

So, as I head back into the Wild as I call it, that is exactly what I am doing. I am ready for anything. Or last I am pretending I am.


Be safe and much love Mommas

<3 Caprise


Be Prepared For Tomorrow

Today is preparing you for tomorrow. This is preparing you for that. Just like Kindergarten prepared you for Elementary School and High School prepared you for College. Just like the rain prepares the ground for the flowers to bloom and a good night of sleep prepares you for a restful day in the morning. …so does every moment of every day prepare you for tomorrow, for what’s next, for a future worth being in.

All the joys & victories, bumps & hiccups, falls & lessons…..they are all preparing you for what is next.

Do not be afraid of:

Every hard duty that lies in your way, that you’d rather not tread, because of the pains & struggles that will come.

Every hard road on which you cannot see the Masters shoe prints, that you’d rather not follow, because of the thorny path.

Every heavy load that you are called to carry, that you’d rather not, because of the discipline & endurance needed.

Every point of battle to which you are called where you must draw your sword, when you’d rather not stand up never mind fight.

There is power, blessing, strength & victory in all of them. And if you do not go to them and go through them, you will not know what is waiting on the other side.

And when you’re not so sure….remember……when you were in Kindergarten, you had no idea what College would be like. You just kept doing what you do, being who you be and enjoying the moments in front of you.

Prepare now. Take it on now. Invite it in now. Set things in motion now. Embrace your heart now. Live life full now.

So you CAN know about the tomorrow, the what’s next, the future worth being in.

Your God Girl,


Overwhelmed Can be Debilitating

Overwhelmed can be debilitating… BUT it doesn’t have to be.

Can you remember a time you felt overwhelmed?  Was it in college when you had more on your plate than you could handle?  or was it when you were trying to get 5 kids out the door for school before 8AM?  or maybe you had a really big team project at work and you were the only one on the team?

Whenever it was that you felt overwhelmed, the mountain in front of you must have seemed a little too big to handle.  And the longer you looked at it, the worse you felt and the harder it got… or so it seemed.  Just as a hiker getting ready to go on a mountain trek must prepare, you must prepare.  So that overwhelm doesn’t sneak in, never mind take over.  The hiker can pack an extra water bottle & shirt, some snacks, warm socks, their compass and wear they’re best hiking boots.

How can you prepare?  Make a list, ask for help, say no to a few things, pray?  Whatever it is for you… ensure you have what you need… take care of yourself, look at the little things, keep an eye on the goal and walk in Him.

Your God-Girl
Be the Light
Pray, Trust, Wait
I am a Conqueror