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Letting It Go

Letting It Go! I’m taking a lesson from my favorite empowered lady, Elsa. It’s been 7 years and I’m taking my power back. Somehow after I had been divorced, he still found ways to maintain forms on control. In all different ways, refusing to answer me on co-parenting questions, deciding to pay child support not on the due date but whenever he felt like he wanted to, without communicating to me when that would be just stating “You shouldn’t rely on my money”. It didn’t matter how kind I was…. how nicely I worded things. I had to become a bendy straw having to completely bend over backwards to still being treated like disposable trash.

I’m done.

I’m done being hurt.

I’m done bending.

I’m done not being heard.

I’m done not being valued.

I’m done being emotionally manipulated.

I’m done being told what I can and can’t do.

I’m done letting someone who does and means nothing to me control my head space.

I’m done opening myself up to be hoping he will change, to be disappointed constantly.

I’m done hoping he will be more for his children.

I’m done letting him dictate my emotions.

I’m done.

I’m Letting it go.

Letting go of the guilt of how I wanted my children to grow up in their home with their mama every day.

Letting go of how I will never be able to control, help and support his household for my children.

Letting go of the hurt.

Letting go of the constant disappointment.

Letting go of it all.

Now I will embrace the time the kids and I have being thankful for all the memories we have, not the time we don’t have together.

I will value each phone call to the fullest.

I will savor the moments that my house is loud, chaotic, messy and intense, because soon enough they will be at their dads.

I will embrace the nights where they take 5 trips down the stairs refusing to go to bed due to their unquenchable thirst that only began at bed time.

I will cherish the snot filled, or sweaty stinky hugs and kisses.

I will not rush the extra bedtime story.

I will watch attentively as they want to show me their latest creations.

I will be there Mama still 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter what, no matter where they go my love will always find them, and nobody can ever change that.

I will never have any bigger accomplishment in live than being their Mama, and having their love.

Stay Positive and Be Kind,

Rah Rah Rachel

Being Powerful In Your Life

Yesterday we talked about being authentic by owning your truth and I said that your real power lies in that, in the taking responsibility for whom and what you are.  The next step to being powerful in your life is learning to stand in the middle of whatever seems to be happening and keep your joy and your cool.  I have been studying success and prosperity principles since I was 12 years old, I have been to every seminar and workshop you can imagine and am probably one of the most self-aware and well-trained people you will ever meet and YET I still have days where circumstances appear and try to stop me cold.  The last few days have been like that, things have appeared that have made me want to worry, panic, give in to fear-based thought, pull-in, withdraw…take your pick of any response that is reactive and that is where I have been the last few days.  The ticket out of that crap is to STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR INTENTION FOR THE OUTCOME—DO NOT under ANY circumstances judge anything by the way it looks in the moment—EVER!

ALL your power comes from being able to stay with your intended outcome and not buy into what ‘seems’ to be happening around you in the moment, these ‘seeming’ setbacks or unwelcome things are merely testing you.  Will you crumble at the first sign of adversity??? Or will you DRAW A LINE in the sand and REFUSE to be moved???

When life is throwing you stuff that seems unwelcome or unsettling it is simply a test of your strength and resolve, a test to see if you can be shaken off your position, swayed from your intended outcome because if you can be pushed off that easily then you are not worthy to have what you are wanting.  You have to be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get what you want in life, most people run away weeping at the first sign of things not turning out the way they want.

Seeming adversity is merely being used as a sharpening tool—life wants to see if you can stand the heat, if you can stand strong through the storm and remain joyful in the process.  It’s time to draw a line in the sand and refuse to be moved.  It’s time to create the life that you want!  xoxo

Power Of Words And Their Affect

I am wondering today if people really understand the power of ‘words’, do people understand that their words are living breathing pieces of consciousness that go forward to either harm or to help?  This week I had another experience with a person that uses their power of words to hurt and to wound and to cut the legs out from under the person that they are attacking…this person has done so much damage with their word power, caused so much distress, wreaked so much havoc…one might think “oh they are only words”, however, wish to admit it or not words have an incredible power…they run over and over in your head and that gives them extensive amounts of life after the fight, after the conversation, after the attack…

There are words both kind and unkind that still run through my head from years past…every once in awhile a sentence said resurfaces and along with it the emotions that were present during the interaction…I’m sure this is true for all of us…we are all aware that you can’t take back words…you can apologize, but you can’t undo them…once they are out of your mouth the damage or the gift is done.

I wonder if this person that I know of feels happy after they have systematically punished and attacked the ‘enemy’—do you think they look in the mirror and feel glee for the hurt and harm they have caused?  Or do you think they have a heavy heart from being the cause of so much turmoil???  I really wonder…

We all have moments where harsh and harmful words escape our lips, we all have things that we wish we could take back, we have all done damage by allowing reactive words to escape us unchecked…hell I know I have…in my younger years I had a much harsher tongue than I do now…I have learned over time that mostly it is best to stay quiet when reactive and angry…much more class, style and grace in standing down and walking away then in engaging in a full-fledged assault…when unkind words are flinging people can’t hear anyway…

I think people do the best they can for who they are and when we encounter a person that is hurtful and harmful it is best to stay away from them for no amount of us yelling and screaming and counter-attacking is going to help them at all…it just feeds their reactive nature and brings more chaos…

There is an incredible amount of power in forgiving and moving on…it is a very freeing practice…

This week this person that I know of has helped me to remember that words are alive and they can either bring harm or help, break-down or build-up…and for that I thank them…

We all need to think before we speak and really decide if the harsh words we have to share are worth the damage that they could do…so think today before you send that email or make that phone call or write that letter, make sure that whatever you have to say forwards the action of life…God knows there are enough wars that we are fighting with real enemies, we don’t need to be fighting each other…