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Dang Girl, You Are Beautiful!

Dang girl, you are beautiful!….

It’s a wonderful thing to have a manfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, husband who thinks you are the most beautiful woman that ever lived!  Right!?  And even better when he tells you…Often.  But remember girl…. He is NOT your barometer.  It is NOT his job to make you feel beautiful.  And do NOT make it his job.  He’s the icing in your life, not the cake.

Finding and proclaiming your beauty is an inside job!!  Yup…that’s what I said.  An inside job!  It’s for you to do.  It’s for you to claim, to affirm, to wear like a leather glove that offers warm goosebumps to the flesh on an icy morning.

It’s also not your mother’s job or your father’s job, or your ….fill-in-the-blank’s….. job.

You are to find your beauty,  You are to own your beauty.  You are to claim your beauty.

Don’t you know that if you’re not feeling it in your own heart, on your own, by yourself, it doesn’t matter how many times he says it, how much he means it or how earnestly he professes it.  It might impact you for a minute or an hour or even a week… but as soon as someone else comes along and says something not so affirming, or insults something about you, down the rabbit hole you go.  You see if you make him your barometer and you need him to make you feel beautiful…then when it fades or he doesn’t say it, what do you have?

It’s up to you to say “Dang Girl” every time you look in the mirror.  No matter what you’re wearing, what time of day it is, how tired or hangry you are.  None of that will change how you feel when You see YOU!  Because you are beautiful through and through.   

Lean in.  Look deep.  Release the doubt.  Your Beauty is YOURS.

Now go look in the mirror and give a shout out to your beautiful self.  Let the whole world hear you shout to the rooftops… “Dang Girl, YOU ARE beautiful.”



Your God-girl





It’s Scorpio Season

It’s Scorpio season, at least that is what I am seeing on social media. I know this season as Fall and this month as November. Which means Thanksgiving, a holiday I adore. Food and family. What it will look like from a family perspective this year is hard to say.

It is also my birthday month. This month I turn forty nine. I don’t really have any strong feelings about it. My forties haven’t been the worst. But let’s be honest since March I wouldn’t say things have been great.

My normal birthday celebration is a yummy dinner, an adult beverage or several with friends and some sort of splurge.

Tattoos. Piercings. Fun hair. A long weekend away.

Yup, nope. That’s Midwest for none of that is happening this year.

I actually QUIT drinking at the end of March. Altogether. Not that I drank a lot but I just thought rather than practice yoga I would maybe get rid of some vices. 

Not really but I did.

My daughter turned thirteen in June. My Dad had his birthday last month. I think we’ve collectively decided we all get do overs and they will be over the top.

It’s not the stuff I am missing. Or the celebration, but my upcoming birthday continues to put focus on what is going on and how I hope beyond hope I am making it manageable for my daughter.

I guess if I am being honest- that’s what I want for my birthday. 

I want all of what’s going on to not hurt her so much. To stop having so much taken away from her. I realize this is not realistic. I realize there is probably more to come. I realize I am maybe being dramatic but I want to bubble wrap her until the dust settles.

Is it going to settle?

I guess that would be the other thing I would want for my birthday. To at least give the appearance to my sweet, beautiful daughter that I have it together when inside I am kinda freaking out.

I have said this before. I do not do well with unknowns and not having timelines.

And here we are.

I bought a 2021 planner and I chuckled  when I did because I have a lot of doubts.

I hope I am wrong.

I guess that would be my last present.

To be wrong. To get some of my  rainbows and unicorns attitude back. I was a much more positive person back in March. I fought for that optimism. Hard.

Lately I don’t want to.

So I guess I do have my birthday figured out. At least my wishes. Now to figure out the cake.

Be safe and much love Mommas

<3 Caprise

You Are Worth The Rainbow

You are worth the rainbow….A girlfriend came over tonight to pick up something that I made for her and she shared with me ‘The Slump’ she was in.  I reminded her that after every storm, there is a rainbow.  It may not be in her back yard, it may not be when she looks out her window toward the east and it may not be shooting across the sky in her part of town …but there is one.  It’s just how nature works.  

It’s an unknown natural law.  Like gravity.  It just IS.  Rainbows come after the rain.

I reminded her that SHE created the space she is in & SHE has the power to RE-create it too.  That her woeful thoughts, negative words, pity party for one, and sadness were creating a bigger slump.  

I drew a scenario for her…. Imagine…every bad attitude, every quitting thought, every “poor-me”, you are putting a shovel into the ground and tossing the soil away.  The more she pitied, and lamented and teared up, the more shovelfuls she tossed, AND the bigger the hole around her was getting.  And now…the harder it will be to climb out of it. 

I challenged her to start today.  To do something different…  Imagine…. with every uplifting thought, with every accomplishment, with every “yay-me” she could toss a shovelful of soil back into the hole bringing her closer to the top with every one.  And pretty soon, there will be no hole at all.  She’ll be able to GO.  Easily, simply, happily GO.  Just GO.  

Nothing stopping her.  She won’t be held back by her reluctance, she won’t be tied down by her sorrow.  She’ll be free.  Standing in the victory.  On the other side of her Slump.  Standing in the freedom because SHE recreated the space she was in.  Because SHE did something different in the middle of her storm.  And mostly because SHE knew she was worth the rainbow.


Your God-girl


Farewell Nancy

Farewell Nancy..

A chameleon is a small lizard as we know it,  whose skin changes to adapt to its surroundings. Do you ever feel like a chameleon adapting and changing yourself just to try to fit in with those around you?  Many of us do this, subconsciously,  due to the fact that we put ourselves in a personal survival space.  Whether it be childhood trauma, poor life choices, or even unhealthy friendships or relationships, every single one of us has experienced this uncomfortable feeling of not feeling good about ourselves or fitting in.  It can be called anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem or even fear. These feelings have taken up space far too long in MY head, how about yours?  

The most difficult challenge to overcoming or combating these critters is BELIEVING IN YOURSELF!   I know, easier said than done, right?  It can be done…but just like anything in life, it takes work. HARD WORK. Daily, weekly, hourly and every second of the day kind of work. 

Many times in life I’ve found that chick negative Nancy dancing around in my head. Telling me things I didn’t want to hear or believe. “You’re not pretty, You’re too fat,You’re not qualified enough,You don’t make enough money”.  Having this song and dance constantly rehearsing in my head eventually lead me to BELIEVE  these crazy thoughts. Thus, causing daily anxiety, unnecessary fears and most definitely low-self esteem. 

A dear friend of mine introduced me to the power of positivity and positive affirmations by sending me a surprise bundle of books in the mail. 

(This friend of mine and I had lost touch over the years and had recently reconnected).

In order to combat these never ending worn out recordings in my head, I took that care package as a hint, and decided to combat those lyrics replaying in my head by using affirmations. Yes, you know ~ those words strung together to make you feel good.  THEY work!   Although I was unfamiliar with the practice of using affirmations and changing my internal self-talk, I decided I would try. 

Part of this rewiring of my brain involved journalizing and also doing daily readings. In the beginning of my self-help endeavor, I started reading anything and everything that shouted positivity. Some of the materials included spiritual and religious books and daily spiritual readings. 

As with anything else,  it takes a while for something to become a habit, but I found myself craving that little bit of “me” time and started restructuring my day to fit this in. I was waking up earlier in the morning and retreating to my bedroom earlier in the evenings. I even bought daily meditation books!  And guess what? 


Little by little, I  WAS changing, I felt it, and it felt GOOD.  I was smiling more, not worrying as much, and learning how to let go of the little things that liked to ride the roller coaster in my head.  I also learned the fine art of forgiveness~that was HUGE.  I felt happier and not as weighed down by the worry, negativity or trauma of the past. I’m not saying any of this was easy, mind you, but with a daily routine, anything is possible!  

My daily routine, now five years later … consists of morning meditation reading and reflection time and also time in the evening before bed either journalizing, reading, or doing some adult art therapy coloring to unwind from the day. “ME time.” Doing THIS has changed my life, changed my attitude to gratitude and also inspires me to help others around me. 

Adios negative Nancy.


The Bright Side

The bright side…These past few weeks have been nothing short of chaos and confusion for so many people all around the world. The stress levels of many individuals have skyrocketed due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. I never thought that it could get to this level, but now the current situation is our new normal.

My main concern throughout all of this, is how people are being directly affected by this virus. My parents are both physicians, and they are seeing the unfortunate repercussions of this pandemic daily.

However, although there has been large amounts of fear and concern, we have to look at the overwhelming amounts of love and kindness that is spreading. My cousin is currently living in Spain, and the virus has not been kind in her town. I received a video from her around a week ago that really touched my heart. All you could see in the clip was people on every balcony of her street cheering with passion. They all seemed like they were full of joy and excitement, which shocked me because of the events going on. She later explained that everyone was trying to show love to the doctors and medical professionals that had been risking their lives to care for the ill. It’s acts like those that demonstrate the positive in people during such negative times.

What we are currently living through made me realize how much we take for granted daily. I’ve never wanted to hug a friend, go to school, or see my family more than I do today. Just as the people of Spain are looking on the bright side, we must do the same.

Now those hugs and interactions are going to mean significantly more to us when this is all over. Spread that positivity. 

-Dani <3

Duct Tape, Bubble Gum and Waterproof Mascara

Duct Tape, Bubble Gum and Waterproof Mascara…

I want to sit here and write this blog and tell you everything is fine. Because I had promised myself that moving into this year I wouldn’t let anything get me down.

I wouldn’t get bogged down by things I can’t control. It’s March and the Universe has decided to see how much I can handle in the new year.

My finances have tanked. We will leave it at that. I truly am on the verge of losing my job. We will leave it at that.

My circle of friends that I can share this with is there, but they are all dealing with their own stuff and I don’t want to be that friend.

Throw in all the things that start to come with feeling down you start to pick yourself apart. You start to believe the negative talk. You start to compare yourself to others.

You start to do the very thing you promised you wouldn’t do.

I have said this before and I will say it again, the irony is not lost on me that I encourage others to be strong, brave, believe in themselves. That when people describe me it is kind, caring, and confident. Yet those are things I struggle to find in myself.

Everyday is a battle.

I am thankful that I do a good job hiding it or at least holding it down, I don’t want my daughter to lose her voice or not have one because I can’t find mine.

I am thankful that I am good at saying I’m ok when maybe I’m not, but am able later to pull myself together to talk it out.

I am thankful for recognizing I need a therapist. I know that may seem weird to say but I am. It was a scary thing to decide. It’s a scarier thing to share.

But everyday is a struggle. Right now more than ever. I am almost fifty and my life is not where I thought it should be. Not for lack of trying. I feel like I just got one piece of my life straightened out another piece gets taken away.

So here I sit trying to do the best I can. For myself. My daughter. I’m currently holding it together with duct tape, bubble gum and waterproof mascara.

Cause as you know Mommas that’s what we do.

Sending you love, if you need it I have an industrial package of duct tape, I will always share my gum and recommend a solid mascara.

Much love Mommas,


See The Good

This school year, I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible individuals. One of which is a lovely girl named Sofi. She approached me with the most beautiful smile at the beginning of the year, and made me feel so welcome in my new environment.

As I got to know her, I learned that she had such a wonderful outlook on life. I left every conversation I had with her with a giant smile. The more time I spent with her, the more I picked up on the little acts of kindness that she does to make others feel happy.

Sometimes it’s a simple “hello” to those she walks past, and other times its hosting a service event for those in need. Something I truly admire about her, is her ability to exude positivity even when times get rough.

In her attempts to spread that positivity to others, she created “see the good.”. Her goal is to try and help others focus on the bright side, even in times of difficulty. She managed to create a business that allows her to foster her good character traits and her passions.

It all began with a sweater and the three simple words “see the good.” Now, it has become a movement that shares the stories of other amazing people as well.

Whether you read one of her posts, watch one of her YouTube videos, or wear one of her sweaters, you’ll be inspired to be a better individual and to share positivity with others. I feel beyond blessed to be able to call this beautiful person my friend, and I couldn’t be happier to share her story and goal with all of you.

On behalf of Sofi, I wish that all of you take the time to see the good.

-Dani <3


The Proverbial Gut Punch

The proverbial gut punch….

There are certain topics I tread lightly on. Everywhere. Some out of fear, some out of self preservation, some because they are mine alone and if I share them I give them away.

Sometimes though you have to share them. You have to put your misgivings aside, because maybe someone needs to hear what you have going on. Maybe it will help them.

I have been at my current job for almost thirteen years. It was a complete shift. I used to work in Human Resources. I now work with children. I started out as a teacher and have worked my way up and and have been worked out of several leadership roles. In that time we have had four CEO’s. I have switched physical locations at least three times. I am not sure how many times I’ve switched offices. As for bosses… I’ve had quite a few.

More than five less than ten.

With each new boss expectations change. Sometimes my pay and schedule changes. Staff changes. Like I do, I roll with it. As best as I can.

I like my job. I would go so far as to say most days I love it. Except when I don’t.

I am still growing as a leader and I have a lot of work to do and I would like to tell you there haven’t been some things that have made me hold back, but that wouldn’t be true.

I own that. The problem is, I’m now in a place where it’s haunting me. Those fears. 

And I got the proverbial gut punch. You can take that as you will but spoiler alert I’m still employed. 

Which has gotten me to a place where I am looking at myself. At what point did I lose my mojo? At what point did I forget what I am capable of? At what point did I let things weigh me down?

In another life I was the woman that was called upon to resolve conflicts now I avoid them.

I think somewhere along the way I forgot that woman. I started believing the negative talk of others and turned on myself. 

It’s funny I thought I had it together only to find out I still have a long way to go.

I feel like I’m at an impasse right now.  And you know what? While I am definitely having all the range of emotions, maybe this is what I needed. 

That proverbial gut punch wake up call. To get myself together and figure out where my heart is and get my mojo back. 

Much love as always Mamas

<3 Caprise

The Love Is Powerful

The love is powerful…..

Just last week, I was spending the day with my family. This is a usual occurrence, and I am always so happy when the day comes around. My relatives all seem to feel the same way as they often mention how much joy this time brings them.

During this particular gathering, my grandmother made a comment about how she’s positive that these family events are one of the things that keep them going. It is no secret that negative human emotions can cause serious health problems. Illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity can all be results of anxiety and stress. My question was if positive human emotions that one feels when surrounding themselves with people they love, could have positive impacts on the human body and on human life spans.

I did some research, and I was able to find some scientific facts that could indeed prove that theory. For starters, relationships of love release a certain hormone known as Oxytocin in our bodies. This “love hormone” has been proven to bring us feelings of extreme happiness. That Oxytocin also has the ability to lower hormones such as Cortisol that weaken our immune system. Therefore, these loving relationships can directly lower the rate of sickness. Another proven fact is that people with older age experience less physical pain when they have close family relationships. The more emotional pain they feel, the more physical pain they feel. Along with that, people of older age that are in loving relationships tend to have sharper minds since those relationships have the ability to slow down mental decline over time. All in all, the quality of the close relationships in your life have the power to drastically change your physical and emotional well being.

By surrounding yourself with the people you love, you are proven to be healthier and more importantly, happier.
-Dani <3

No Filter

I turned 48 in November. As I do every year I made myself a promise.

This would be the year of no filter.

I started simply. I removed Snapchat and any photo editing apps from my electronics.

When I did take a picture I added a cheeky caption- “me in my bathroom while my child is getting ready for bed.”

Surprisingly my friends were into it.

I also did this in a response to strengthen my confidence. I still struggle. I am not going to tell you I don’t. I am not a size five. I just cut my hair off and I’m covered in tattoos. I am not the stereotype of what sometimes our world tells us is attractive.

And I know I’ve sang this song before, but sometimes there will be a wobble and I need a reminder.

I also have a daughter. What am I saying to her by editing my photos before posting them? It’s one thing to not post a photo because my eyes are closed or maybe my smile is a bit goofy. But to change it to the point I don’t look like me.

I can’t show her that.

Although, I do like the filter that puts tacos around my head.

There is a great quote “in a society that profits from self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

Every week I write these blogs encouraging you all to love yourselves meanwhile I’m struggling.

That’s my secret to share in this year of no filter.

I am a fabulous cheerleader for others.

Me- I need to work on.

So with each picture I post in color, without a fun Snapchat filter, I’m learning to love the freckled, wrinkled face staring back at me.

Look Mommas if you dig the animal ears, you do you. Seriously. But you are gorgeous with or without those ears.

<3 Caprise