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It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

It’s not over till it’s over…

The dearest and most wonderful woman I’ve ever met was Audrey McGuinness.

The whole time I knew her she was a unity minister. Growing up she had a very hard life .if anyone had a reason to be disappointing and bitter, she would be one. Except that I have never met anyone who was able to be happy and joyful in any and every circumstance like her. Even in her early 80’s she was driving and would go anywhere at any time. She loved being your free spirit. So when it came to the point when she had to give up driving because of her diminishing eyesight, I was afraid that would be the time I saw her depressed, but no, she treated it like a new and exciting chapter in her life. She felt it was wonderful to ride the bus and meet new people. 

Audrey always was able to find the joy in life and share it.

Today I read an article about a Patch Adams, a doctor who’s mission in life is to bring laughter and enjoyment into the hospital environment. You might’ve heard about him because a movie was made about him and his signature move, wearing a clown nose while seeing patients. 

He recently had his left leg amputated below the knee. He talked about how he loves his amputated leg. He says he now has a new nickname, Stump. 

He’s thrilled to be getting a prosthetic. A friend made him a cover for his leg in the shape of a shark and when he puts it on, it looks like his leg is in the shark’s mouth. At 75 years old, he’s delighted at the prospect of having new material about his leg to cheer people up in the hospital.

Reading about him, I was moved in the heart, the same way I was with Audrey. They both have the ability to find joy in everything and not be depressed by anything.

Now, when I have the urge to feel sorry for myself, I can just remind myself of Patch and Audrey, and ask myself, “what would they say?”