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Spring Is Here

It’s spring…Easter is here. My wife Toni wrote an essay in 1998 about how the day after Christmas is usually filled with disappointment and dissatisfaction and that the day after Easter it’s always filled with eager anticipation. She loved the holidays and these two were her favorites. After Christmas there are still two full months of hard winter. While after Easter the crocuses are usually coming up and then tulips breaking the ground and the grass is starting to turn green helping to create the feeling that we made it through another winter.

When I read that essay recently I realized that I never really had given it much thought before, but it really is true. There’s a great build up and anticipation before Christmas with all the work getting ready and cleaning up after, but then all that’s left is to get ready for the harsh bitter cold. There’s always the feeling of hunkering down and bundling up. Whereas now in the early spring there is a feeling of wanting to get out and breathe the fresh air, happy for the days that we can go outside without a coat.

I was taking pictures of the first crocuses just yesterday. Tulips and daylilies are breaking through the ground. Their deep green color lettting us know, that they know, the worst is over. The birds are starting to come back to the bird feeders. I even heard that a bear was sighted in town. Which means that even they have come out of hibernation.

So, Happy Easter, Happy Spring. Enjoy all the new growth, new flowers and new beginnings that come this time of year.