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Laughter Makes Everything Better

Laughter makes everything better….

When was the last time you belly-laughed?  I’m talking laughed so hard that a few hours later your belly muscles hurt?  Laughed so hard you cried and you didn’t even care how your makeup was being affected?   Laughed so hard that your own laughter made others laugh along?

THAT makes everything better.  It’s like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day or like a glass of milk and a delicious home-made cookie.  Or better yet…like a new pair of shoes that hug you like a glove. Laughter just makes everything better.

Stress does not help, burdens do not help, long to-do lists do not help.  But if you can stop in the middle of all that ‘stuff’ and find something to laugh about….heck how about something to smile about even!  That really truly could make everything better.  

When you are authentic in your search for humor in the chaos, joy in the sadness, peace in the crazy that is all around you….there… in that truth, in that space of uncertainty… you just may find that right there in that place…. Aside from the one thing that matters most, the one thing that has you baffled, the one thing that your thoughts keep going back to in anguish…. you can release all the ‘stuff’ that gets in your way of finding the laughter, and just for a moment, stop and giggle.

Was there a time awhile back that a friend said something silly that make you laugh, or a cousin reminded you of a memory that caused you two to crack up with stinging cheeks, or maybe you yourself laughed at your own ridiculousness while crossing your legs tight so you didn’t pee your pants.  Remember that, give yourself permission and laugh out loud. It really can make everything better.


Your God girl