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Highs & Lows Of Life

The highs and lows of life..Oh the highs of life, if they could just keep us there. Keep us in the glory and the happy and the joy of what’s going on around us and stay in a state of excitement and a spirit of amazing.

But it doesn’t always work that way. Because we’re in the world, we have emotions that range from happy to sad, from joy to anger, from bliss to chaos. And in the middle of them changing, we have to be able to manage what is going on in and around us. To not get overwhelmed when things don’t go the way we planned or thought or wanted or intended.

But to pull ourselves up and out and move on in a new way, take a new step, declare a new thought and make a change. Then we can have it be different again.

I just moved to a new state 6 months ago and am feeling the high of the NEWNESS of my life dissipate. I’m feeling myself getting grounded and more comfortable in this place. I’m feeling bliss take over the excitement. When I got here, everything was new and fun and I was ready to get involved. Well now that I’m here and I’m involved….it’s the same thing over and over again. It’s up to me to create the joy in the SAMENESS that I’ve created in my new home with my new friends, at my new job.

I can’t expect every day to be a day at the beach with a drink in my hand with an umbrella sticking out of it, right? It snows, It rains, I sleep in. I check off my to-do list one day and the next day, I don’t. The highs and lows come and go and I’m okay with it.


Your God girl