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Twin Flame: Karmic Twins

In the process of finding our twin, we will come across karmic twins. These people have also been referred to false twins but I dont think thats quite right. When we meet our karmic twin(s) we most likely are almost in complete alignment. They will mimic the pattern we look for in twins, seperation, lost connection and strong strong connection.

They will throw us out of alignment to dredge up what still needs healing. Our true twins will trigger us too, but with karmic twins things will not come easily.It will not be easy to bridge the gap with this person. With a Karmic twin your souls will align 90% instead of 100% with your true twin.

That 10% doesn’t seem like alot, but its huge, and its the part that counts. I’m not saying you will find your true twin flame only when they are 100% aligned. If you find them before that and they are your twin you may go through another separation.

The amount of karmic twins you will encounter all depends on what you have left to heal before coming into union, and this will be different for everyone.

Don’t get disheartened in your journey, it’s a hard but beautiful journey. Each one of our journeys is unique, just remember you and your twin decided your journey to each other before coming into the 3d flesh world.

Always be unapologetically true to yourself,