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Setting And Keeping New Years Resolutions

Thinking about your New Years Resolutions?

You have probably heard that New Years resolutions usually are not completed. Here are the real statistics; after a week 75% are still successful, after two weeks the number drops to 71%, after a month 64% and after six months only 46% of the people who make resolutions are still successful in keeping them. So the truth is you have less than a 50% chance to keep your resolution.

You may be interested in why this happens. Again, the statistics are helpful, 35% made unrealistic goals, 33% did not keep track of their goals, 23% forgot about them and 10% made too many.

The most common resolutions are to lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise more. I have made each of these multiple times myself over the years. Guilty as charged.

Jim Rohn was well known for his commitment and encouragement to setting goals. You can read some of his tips here – https://www.jimrohn.com/4-tips-for-setting-powerful-goals/. His general position is that you need to sit down and really consider the goals you wish to set. Because they need to be important for you to stay with them. His acronym for goal setting is they need to be SMART

Specific – ambiguous goals produce ambiguous results

Measurable – ie. Lose weight vs. lose 10 lbs.

Attainable – forget good intentions, is it something you can do

Realistic – is it something you can reasonably make real

Time – by when? Will this be complete

The bottom line here is, are you making a resolution because YOU want to or because you think you should?

Either way, lets make 2021 better than 2020 because we say so!