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Dang Girl, You Are Beautiful!

Dang girl, you are beautiful!….

It’s a wonderful thing to have a manfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, husband who thinks you are the most beautiful woman that ever lived!  Right!?  And even better when he tells you…Often.  But remember girl…. He is NOT your barometer.  It is NOT his job to make you feel beautiful.  And do NOT make it his job.  He’s the icing in your life, not the cake.

Finding and proclaiming your beauty is an inside job!!  Yup…that’s what I said.  An inside job!  It’s for you to do.  It’s for you to claim, to affirm, to wear like a leather glove that offers warm goosebumps to the flesh on an icy morning.

It’s also not your mother’s job or your father’s job, or your ….fill-in-the-blank’s….. job.

You are to find your beauty,  You are to own your beauty.  You are to claim your beauty.

Don’t you know that if you’re not feeling it in your own heart, on your own, by yourself, it doesn’t matter how many times he says it, how much he means it or how earnestly he professes it.  It might impact you for a minute or an hour or even a week… but as soon as someone else comes along and says something not so affirming, or insults something about you, down the rabbit hole you go.  You see if you make him your barometer and you need him to make you feel beautiful…then when it fades or he doesn’t say it, what do you have?

It’s up to you to say “Dang Girl” every time you look in the mirror.  No matter what you’re wearing, what time of day it is, how tired or hangry you are.  None of that will change how you feel when You see YOU!  Because you are beautiful through and through.   

Lean in.  Look deep.  Release the doubt.  Your Beauty is YOURS.

Now go look in the mirror and give a shout out to your beautiful self.  Let the whole world hear you shout to the rooftops… “Dang Girl, YOU ARE beautiful.”



Your God-girl