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Daily Dose Of Happiness

Daily happiness tends to be about who you choose to surround yourself with in life and what you choose to look at on social media.These influence us and how we see the world.Echoing my fellow Blogger Ali’s post “Birds of A Feather ‘ we need to really empower ourselves in choosing who has this influence over us by carefully assessing them.

Until recently I really hadn’t noticed how what I read on social media actually follows me for the day.I had a personal issue with a friend over a car repair ,it shouldn’t have happened and I was feeling wronged .It was during this time that I started the notice the manipulation this person was attempting to use on social media and the ability of some humans to present themselves so falsely.In my mind I was left alone as soon as  I was no longer willing to be walked all over. The frustration was so great and was mounting daily and then I read Ali’s blog.

Using this as inspiration I did a little test, getting a daily dose of happiness.Ignoring everything else I chose to watch a happy compilation of things on social media.These were Jason Momoa (Aquaman) throwing axes on Ellen –both good for my heart rate and laughter , a sloth being assisted across the road by a tourist and waving thanks,ducks being used as bug control in crops in China instead of poison and the comedian Wanda Sykes referring to her middle aged belly fondly as “Esther”.All these things, while widely random and unique to my quirky Aussie humor worked together.Instant mood change! .Im not focusing on betrayal and the dark side of false friends and other perceived negativity but rather the funny and inspirational side of good people.So now I’m actively seeking the good people.The funny,the brave ,the out of the ordinary.Anyone can make you feel bad in life, seek those that make you feel good.

In the end I realized it was all for the good, I have moved on and am watching daily doses of happiness.We do need to be there for people in bad times but if you feel that its not reciprocated its not for you .It is now a relief to have lost those negative people and I look back at how I was being used.

Now I aim to laugh or be inspired when I log on and have those influences follow me for my day.


Innocence of Children

Our 7 year old approached us last night in complete disgust complaining that someone in her class had made fun of the inside of her nose. Yep, you read that correctly..lol. Not because she was picking her nose but those ridges inside your nose?-Yeah those. Just the presence of them. I looked at my husband with disgust in the fact that kids now resort to making fun of something everyone has and trying to hide my laughter after seeing my daughters face while she was explaining to us, knowing full well that she cannot possibly fathom why people make “fun” of each other.

She’s in the 1st grade, we have to talk to her almost weekly about how not to treat others that way, since she started pre-school at 3.  As you all know we have 2 older children, whom I do not recall all the teasing and poking fun happening with them at such an early age.  It’s absurd!

She is not a girlie girl and doesn’t care to dress in “fancy” clothes, and quite honestly if I didn’t intervene she would go to school and out in public looking like a mis-matched, outdated, rag muffin.  Jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and t-shirts are her preference and when it comes to shoes, she would rather not wear any.  Occasionally she will come downstairs in a dress that my grandmother sent her styled and popular in 1972 and think it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Her sense of “style” is crazy and I am perfectly ok with that but most kids her age are not.  Breaks my heart for her.

She is our wild child and loves to sing, dance, paint, draw, and write songs! She loves to fish, kayak, swim, camp, bugs, snakes, animals and the dirtier she is the happier she is! It’s a daily struggle to get her to go to school-although, she loves it when she gets there-and she’s super smart, she just has things to tend to -school gets in the way 🙂

You try to help your children not “mold” in to what others think they should be. You want them to stay as innocent and perfectly themselves, forever. And no matter how hard you try to keep them true to who they are, there is no denying it’s a struggle. Outside influences have a lot of power, and at any age it’s difficult. I struggle with what others think or say about me, not to the degree that I lose sleep over it or let it control my day, but it’s still there.

Kindness and Compassion are virtues that have become less and less. Remember-it costs absolutely NOTHING to be kind to one another.

Love to All-