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Reshaping Thoughts

Reshaping thoughts…Not only were reading good books with substance & transformational information my life line to creating a new mindset, BUT I surrounded myself with pictures, words & quotes that made me feel alive.

Vision Boards, Dream Posters, Image books, signs on my mirror, verses in my car, cut outs on my bulletin board.  Anywhere I looked & everywhere I was in my home, there was something to remind me of reshaping my thoughts to something new, something amazing, something magnetic.

Now….it is part of who I am.  It just is.  I still read great books, still have reminders all around my home, and still write affirmations BUT now, it is a peaceful, authentic and glowing reality of who I am and how I live my life.  It IS me.

If you’re not sure how to change your mindset, how to begin the journey of positive thinking or how to come up with the words to use….… just start somewhere….

Here are some affirmations that might get you started….

I move steadily from where I am to where I want to be.

I do what works.

True excellence is always present,

I am divinely full of enthusiasm, moving into new ways & new directions.

I attract what I want.

I act for what I want.

I am an integrating force for good.

I think thoughts of truth,

I uplift all those around me.

I encourage others, I empower others, I appreciate others.

Happiness abounds everywhere I go.

If there is something you no longer want, be sure to write it in a positive manner.  For example, if you want to say “I’m not afraid of doing X anymore”, word it positively “Love prevails when I do X” or “I embrace all the good in X”.   Remember to put them into “I” statements.  Use positive, uplifting and affirming words.  Have fun with what you come up with.  IT will BE YOU.


Your God girl,


No Need To Defend Yourself

If you’re on a mission to be a better mom, you may already know a lot about transforming your thoughts, changing your mindset and healing the broken parts.  But did you also know that when you are full up in love with YOU, there is never a need to defend yourself?

Yup!  That’s right.

Sit with that thought for a minute.

Then think about the places in you, where you currently defend yourself.  Think about the places where  you’re triggered to argue back or where you shrink down & say nothing but are screaming on the inside.

Those are the places that still need healing, forgiveness, and most of all LOVE.  Because when you love you, I mean allllll of you.  The good, the bad AND the ugly….. you will not have a need to defend.  All your weaknesses, all your scars, all your mistakes.   All your shortcomings, all your ridiculousness, all your wrongs.  All of it!  LOVE them.

AND claim a new story while you’re at it.  Change the adjectives you’re using.  Look in the mirror and remind yourself you are beautiful.  You are wonderful.  You are 100% amazing from head to toe.

Think of the places where you may feel threatened by someone else’s words.  And know ‘a sense of threat is an acknowledgement of an inherent weakness’.  Yup! If you are threatened… you are agreeing with their words.  Do you know your truth?  Do you love all of you?  Do you accept every inch?  Then whose words of attack could alter you?  Nobody’s!

Remember ‘defense stems from fear, not love.’

Today start a new habit of acknowledging what is great about you and write it down.  The next day add another thing to the list.  And the next day, another.   Eventually you will be so flooded by your own greatness that nobody can say anything that would cause you to defend.

Just Love.


Small Tweaks…

Perfection in life is a work in progress and really amounts to a series of small tweaks on a consistent basis—not an abundance of huge, earth shattering changes.  Sometimes we do ourselves a disservice when we try and make monumental changes all at once.  That’s a BIG job and when we fail we use it as an excuse to stay stuck and as an excuse not to change.

I’m thinking that small tweaks are really the way to go, one step at a time and when our old habits try and pull us back into the familiar patterns we just make a small tweak to get ourselves back on track.

A series of small tweaks can result in a great list of accomplishments as you keep renewing things and tweaking behaviors this way and that to get the desired results.

Within this context when you have a ‘bad day’ and your goal isn’t reached you can make some small tweaks and do better tomorrow.

The process of tweaking leaves a lot of room to improve and it supports a work in progress which is what we are.