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The Fixer of Broken Boys Part 6: My First Party

Cherie squealed with excitement when we got back to our dorm. Not only were we going to a frat party, apparently my friend’s fraternity was pretty popular on campus.

Us going there gave Cherie a head start on her pledge journey.

I on the other hand was petrified.

I did not drink.

I did not date.

Oh and guess who had never been to a party? Maybe a little too much freedom at once. Cherie to her credit which is why she is still my friend saw my face.

“Oh Caprise…you’ve never been to a party before?”

“More than that…” I squeaked.

I rattled off all the reasons why I was afraid to go.

“Oh no, you’re going. But effective now- buddy system. No girl left behind.”

Scott encouraged me to invite a few ladies from my floor because of course he did. LOL.

From that night on we really did not leave anyone behind. It got wicked sometimes and ugly and feelings were hurt. But we stuck together. Except for one. And we will get there and it changed things.

Not a heartbreak but a disappointment that I have never let go because if it were me… well … will get there.


My first college party was kinda of crazy. How could it not be? However, when your big brother – yup I became a little sister introduces you as knowing your Mom. My experiences were very tame.

As I’ve alluded to- the people who break your heart aren’t the ones you expect.

Poor Scott the one and only time he tried to kiss me- I got incredibly sick. God bless him he was one of the best nurses I ever had. Our paths cross once in awhile and everyone assumes we got together in college. We just chuckle as we both know he really was my big brother.

I know this was a bit light … but we are gearing up for my first big adult heartbreak. It’s tendrils still reach out to me years later so I’m trying to figure out how to write about heartbreak number five.

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The Fixer of Broken Boys Part 5: The College Years

College…Have you seen the movie Animal House? Well let’s start with John Belushi spent a very short period of time at my alma mater. Some of Animal House was based off his experiences on campus in a fraternity.

I was a little sister for a Fraternity on the same campus. 

Let it begin…

I knew the very first day of college it was the place for me when during move in day my roommate who I had known since I was five struggled to move her boxes up to our third floor and I somehow had the bulk of the football team moving me. 

In the infamous words of Matthew McConaughey – alright, alright, alright.

Not only was it the day I realized I could get a guys attention, it was the day I met my first college friend. Who would be one of my closest friends 25 years later. Cherie was my Mom’s moving day present to me. 

Move in day they ask you to keep your doors open so you can meet people. While I was excited about starting college,at my core I was still shy. I still stayed close to my parents and my roommate did the same. While we were unpacking my Mom went across the hall and introduced herself. Five minutes later this girl with an amazing head of black curls and red lipstick came into my room.

“Hi I’m Cherie. Your Mom said you are Caprise. I am from Milwaukee and am majoring in business. I am going to a party tonight – want to come?”

What? A college party? Me? Who was this woman. A f@#$ing saint that’s who. She saved me from a night spent with my roommate who actually suggested we go to the evening orientation instead. 

“Umm ok. Except I don’t drink.”

“No biggie. But we should go build a base first. When our Moms leave let’s go get our chow on.” 

I fell in love with this woman. Not in that way. Geesh. Not every woman who went to college went through the girl on girl phase. For the record when you live in an all girl hall that allure gets lost fast. Don’t ask. For the benefit of all we will leave it there.

Cherie was everything I wasn’t. As a college freshman she was incredibly confident. She had this voice with this accent I couldn’t quite place. She had an amazing sense of style. Her hands always moving when she talked. She also would randomly burst out into song.To this day when I hear George Michael’s Freedom I think of her. Let’s just say it was our theme song pretty much anytime we had to walk anywhere.

Our floor had a pretty big group of girls who all went to various Milwaukee schools and all knew each other. Which again thanks to Cherie they became my people. Let’s just say there is a reason why the Chili Peppers wrote a song about Catholic School girls. The Milwaukee girls made up the bulk of our floor, then a spattering of girls from small farm towns, Chicago, locals and the randoms me and my roommate Carrie.

Who sadly we will get to. 

I gotta take a pause. Jealousy is an ugly thing. Especially when it’s not warranted. But here is what I will say. You can wrap yourself up in morals and pretend you are more than what you are but if you are a shitty person no amount of pretty packaging will hide that.

Even worse is the shitty person who blames everyone around them for their shitty behavior.

Like I said we will get there.

So my new tribe and I made our first venture to the food hall. Sitting outside the halls were tables of various frats and sororities who were looking for pledges. Cherie was all about being in a sorority. I humored her and talked to the tables. I am going to go out on a limb and say my love beads and Black Bart t-shirt declaring we should fight the power made me not your ideal pledge. (My kitchen co-workers gifted me with both my last day of work)

We were wrapping up when I heard someone yell out “Caprise!”

Sitting at table was Scott. Remember the guy I had hoped would volunteer to take me out.


Suddenly that night I was going to a frat party

Let the games begin.

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