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Feel The Sadness Not Fill It

I’m sitting in my backyard reading “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” by Lisa Terkeurst for inspiration to my life, to my healing,  to my blog.  She speaks about disappointment and how easy it is to fill the sadness with nonsense.

I have found myself filling my disappointments with shopping.  In hopes that those sassy shoes or that amazing outfit would bring me the happiness I longed for.  Anything to not be IN my sadness.  And they did !!  But only for a little while.  Only temporarily.  Only on the surface.  When the excitement wore off, the sadness  re-emerged it’s ugly head, shouting it’s lies of deception and ridicule.  Reminding me of my faults and disappointments.  And not caring one iota of how it left me feeling.  THAT my friend, is the enemy.

I have learned over the years that the enemy is a liar, looking for the weakest place, in me, to attack.  And the enemy doesn’t come to just harm us and make us feel bad, oh no…..the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.

As much as we might try to fight off the snearing and sneaky ways…we can somehow be captivated by it.  Wanting to hear what else needs to be said, what other lies exist.  But if we’re not careful the sweet taste of knowing one more crumb, might lure us back in to the sadness we so long to escape.

So you ask, what do we do with the sadness left after disappointment?  I’ve learned to walk through it, to embrace it, learn more about me from it.  Then see where am I REALLY weak and does it matter to me and if it does, what can I do to grow stronger in that area?  If it truly is a lie to keep me tied down, then to find the TRUTH there and proclaim it over and over and over again.  I’ve seen the disappointment turn into a valuable lesson.  Again & Again & Again.

I hope you do too.

Your God Girl,

Feelings Don’t RUN You…Contrary to Popular Belief…

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter how you feel about doing something or not doing it…what matters is that you GET IT DONE.  Or that you keep your promise or that you deliver the result.  Too many people think that how they “feel” has something to do with whether or not they should be “in action”, it doesn’t…it doesn’t matter at all how you “feel” on any given day about any given thing.  If you run your life by how you feel in the moment you will be incredibly sad and ineffective.

Who cares if you don’t “feel” like parenting your kid or going to work or making dinner or doing the laundry or paying bills etc…nobody that’s who.  Nobody cares how you “feel” they care that you produce the result or keep your promise or do what you said you would do.

Do you think Olympic Gold Medal winners “feel” like training the way they have to in order to win?  NO.

Do military Special Forces do things based on how they “feel”, NO…they do what they have to do day in and day out to accomplish the objective.

Do Navy Seals ask themselves if they want to train, or if they “feel” like diving into ice cold water to drill…NO…they do not…they simply DO WHAT MUST BE DONE…no matter how they “feel”.

Do emergency responders stop to think about whether or not they “feel” like running head-on into an emergency…NO…they move and they move fast.

If you let feelings run you they will make you weak and ineffective and they will make your life chaos because feelings change from moment to moment.  You have to manage yourself by what you say you will do, the results you intend to produce and the promises you make.  This is the behavior that makes an effective and responsible human being and God knows we can use more of those…