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Living Life On Life Avenue

Living life on Life Avenue….the disappointment that we incur as a result of an unmet expectation is usually our fault, our problem, our unrealistic view.  Now that does not mean ‘don’t expect anything’… what it means is… Don’t let it ruin your day.  Don’t get disappointed about it.  At least not the kind of disappointment that keeps you in bed with a tear-soaked pillow or the kind that keeps you  returning to the fridge for yet…. another scoop of ice cream.

Especially if it was an expectation that YOU put upon someone else without even telling them that you expected it.  In my younger years in my dating life, I had sooooo many unspoken expectations in regards to ‘him’.  AND it ruined much.  If the man I was dating didn’t line up with my expectations of him, if he didn’t act the way I expected him to….. he was out!  Gone!  Done!

What WAS that!?

1) who the heck was I to be so brutally cold ?

2) where in the world did that attitude of mine come from ?

3) who on earth did I think I was ?

I remember one time I was dating this great guy.  I’m talking GREAT.  He made me laugh all the time.  We grooved together.  It just worked. Until one day…we went to a party and he got so drunk that I had to drive us home.  That was it.  We were DONE. It was over.  I was OUT!  He did not know what hit him. He had no idea that his behavior would end US… as he told me, “I would NEVER have done that, if I knew this is where I would be now.” He figured in his own mind that it was no big deal….since I wasn’t drinking it was safe for him to get toasted and I would easily drive. WELL, that’s not went on in my own mind.

Only when I was older did I realize how messed up that was.  Now I know I have the power to say what I like, what I want, what I hope for in a mate.  To actually have a grown-up conversation about how to make the relationship work, for both of us, so it would actually last rather than be DONE because of unspoken expectations.  

Ohhhhh the lessons we learn while on Life Avenue!



Your God girl



Expect the BEST!

Hey there…yes it IS really me blogging again…I know that you guys have been reading some great stuff from a bunch of our guests bloggers, it’s fantastic to see everyone writing!  Thought it was time I actually added a post to my own blog…

As you know I turn 50 in August and on Friday night my son graduated from High School a year early…so lots of milestone shit happening up here in the Green Mountains…which brings up ALL the feels!!!! The closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one, my Second Act we are calling it.  As I sort through the last 50 years (holy shit it feels weird to type that) I am seeing soooo many lessons learned, so much education in all of the stupid things that I have done…WOW…

Feeling like I have gotten to a pretty decent place and knowing that there is so much more to get done in the next half.  One of the things that I am working with this week in my own personal study is the idea of “you get what you expect”…I spend a lot of time reminding you guys that what you think about and speak about you will get more of, which means that if you start REALLY expecting the BEST it will change your whole life.

How many of us really walk through the days ‘expecting the best’, I see that even I am not doing that…I am not consciously walking through the days declaring and expecting the BEST…so I have to ask myself WHY NOT?  I certainly have been well-trained in understanding that what I expect and focus on I will get, so WHY am I not running through the days expecting nothing but the BEST outcomes???

Somewhere in all of us there is this place where we feel like things can’t always be amazing, we all worry a bit that when things are great it won’t last…well I am calling BULLSHIT on all that!  The truth is that we can get to a place where we really understand that what we expect we will get, we can get to a place where we KNOW that there is GOOD in everything even when it looks like a complete piece of shit.  It is NOT an easy place to reach, it is a place that you CAN reach by studying principles that demonstrate that what you fill your mind with is what you create, what you focus on is what you create, what you talk about is what you create…

That means that in order to REALLY rise to a place where we go around expecting the best, we have to DO THE WORK to get there.  Which means training your mind to think the things that will help you and understanding how to respond to things from a place of peace rather than react.  It means that when it ‘looks like’ your bank balance is too low you focus on the fact that money is coming instead of panicking based on what appears to be true in the moment.  The last year, since leaving corporate stuff and choosing to build my own company again, has been one of the hardest and scariest of my life thus far…I have had to REMIND myself daily of all the things that I teach, I have had to declare GOOD through panic and tears, I have had to TRUST when I could not see the way out…I have been taught so much in this last year and now it seems that my lesson is REALLY starting to come from a place daily of expecting the BEST.  Easier said than done, yet I am working on it…it seemed a good thing to share with all of you.  Here are two of the affirmations that I am using as I walk through this, perhaps they will help you as well…

“Nothing is too good to be true.  Nothing is too wonderful to happen.  Nothing is too good to last.”

“Today and every day, I expect the best. Wonderful things are happening to me now.  Everything I do turns into good for myself and others.”

XO- Noelle

You Can Always Go Further…

keep moving, keep learning...

keep moving, keep learning…

You can always go further than where you are now and you can go further than where other people expected you to end up.   The only person stopping you or limiting you, is YOU.  Michael Hyatt has a good blog post on the topic of going further, I think you will like it.  I did:)