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Be A Friend

Did you read my blog about “Making Girlfriends in Your 50’s”? I’m talking good, close to the heart, caring, loving girlfriends? Girlfriends you think you’ve known your whole life. Girlfriends who go out of their way for you, think of you while they’re at the market and ask to help you plant your garden? Friends who show up, whether it’s in person or on the phone? Girlfriends who just simply love.

I have one friend I call her “my sister from another mister”. We are soooo alike it makes me laugh out loud every time I find another likeness.   Not only our “curly hair one day/straight hair one day” likeness, but also cowhide rugs, doorstep grates and baskets of goodies in our cars, but also our rhythm. She’ll text me as I’m walking to the phone to call her. I’ll call her as she’s walking across the street to say hi. Happy Hearts here!

I have another girlfriend, we talk 5 of the 7 days, if not every day. We have known each other for more than 2/3’s of our ives and would do ANYTHING for each other. We are similar yet different. We call each other on our shit, laugh with & at each other and support each other to be our best selves. We’ve been through a lot together.   We are mirrors of each other and happy to be that.

If you’re finding yourself friendless, all I can say is step outside your box, say YES more often & live with an outgoing spirit. Stop secluding and isolating. Stop waiting for someone to say hi first and mostly…. stop staying in on sunny days.

Try out “Meet Up”, it’s a website full of events put on by people for people, search for “Events Near Me” on Facebook or sign up for a class through the local Community College or through your Parks & Recreation Dept.

You’ll probably meet peeps just like you. Make a friend. Be a friend.



Your God-girl